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MIKE Releases New Album 'Weight Of The World' Featuring Earl Sweatshirt

New York-based rapper MIKE drops his new mostly self-produced album 'Weight Of The World.'
MIKE Weight of the World cover art

Cover Art

Livingston-born, New York City-based rapper and producer Michael Jordan Bonema, better known as MIKE released his new album Weight Of The World on Sunday, June 21 (on my birthday, so thanks MIKE). The new album is out now on Bandcamp and SoundCloud and will be made available on other DSPs later this week.

The project is primarily produced by himself as dj blackpower, with additional production from Rob Chambers, Darryl Johnson, Red-Lee, and KeiyaA. It also features Jadasea and Earl Sweatshirt, which makes total sense given their flows and rapping styles are a perfect match.

The LP carries on his prolific release rate with War In My Pen at the end of 2018, Tears Of Joy in 2019 and now after a break to travel and record, Weight Of The World. His staggering, stuttering production matches his casual and very forward rapping style. There are moments where he is hopeful of a better world, but is grounded in the struggle to grapple with anxiety and depression that comes with being young and African American in America.

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Get the album on Bandcamp now.

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