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National Independent Venue Association Survey Says 90% Of US Member Venues Could Close Soon

The NIVA says that without financial assistance, most independent venues could close soon.
Wu Tang Clan @ Ryman Auditorium

The National Independent Venue Association has issued an ominous warning today that 90% of their members could be forced to close soon if they aren’t given financial assistance.

According to a new survey conducted by the National Independent Venue Association, which represents 2,000 members in all 50 states and DC, the future for 90% of their venues is not financially feasible without government assistance.

“90% of independent venues report they will close permanently in a few months without federal funding. Current PPP funding will not solve the crisis,” according to NIVA.”

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“Due to the national routing of most tours, our industry will not recover until the entire country is open at 100% capacity. NIVA members need assistance in order to survive until that day,” explains the NIVA.

The venues have to contend with insurance payments, rent, utilities, loans, taxes and other bills. All of this with no income. The venues can’t open at partial capacity because that isn’t financially viable, which is another obstacle to opening.

Just as it seems as though there is some hope about reopening for some venues, the reality is that many venues will be the last to open in most states and that may not happen in full capacity until next year. 

If you would like to help, visit to tell your legislators to provide financial assistance to your music venues and not just rich assholes who hire connected lobbyists. 

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