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Premiere: Anne Lovett - Nocturne (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)

Ulrich Schnauss adds a sweeping and soaring touch to Anne Lovett's track from her 2018 album.
Anne Lovett

Anne Lovett

We are happy to premiere a new remix from German electronic musician and composer Ulrich Schnauss. He has remixed a track from French pianist Anne Lovett‘s 2018 album The Eleventh Hour titled “Nocturne.”

Schnauss keeps much of the original's idea and melodies, but works with them to create something a little different. He adds some arps overtop the gentle piano and adds more electronic elements to the string and piano-led track.

The original teases a climactic build up, but instead pulls away just as you think the strings will explode in volume. Schnauss unleashes them. The remix slowly builds as strings are introduced about halfway through and with fluttering synths they crest near the end of the record in a controlled frenzy.

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"This collaboration with Ulrich came about as I was looking for someone to remix ‘Nocturne’ which had already taken off quite a bit, Burberry loved it and it ended up on one of their campaigns so it attracted quite a bit of attention there. Me and Catherine Grieves at Faber really wanted to do a remix for it and we set out to find the right electronic artist," explains Lovett.

"Then of course, Ulrich stood out. I saw him in concert at Earth in London and I was blown away. There is something really profound in his electronic style, which I find very special. Similar to my work, I like to really go deep in my emotions; I don’t just write whatever comes at first. So he felt like the complete right collaboration and I think the result is pretty amazing."

Listen to the remix below before it is released on Friday, June 12 on 1631 Recordings and get The Eleventh Hour on Bandcamp.

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