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A/V Premiere: Drum & Lace - Rise [Little Twigs Records]

An immersive audio and visual experience

Today, Magnetic brings you an extra special premiere in the form of an A/V experience from the producer and sound artist Drum & Lace. Known for her immersive live performances, she blends classic production techniques with unique field recordings and to create emotive and expressive music that engulfs all the senses. 

Drum & Lace by Priscilla C. Scott

Drum & Lace by Priscilla C. Scott

Her forthcoming EP, 'Further', was originally composed in 2019 for Heidi Duckler Dance, and divided into six movements: Rise, Wings, Crane Song, (un)Obtrusive Mass, After The Storm, Into Dusk. The tracks blend chamber strings with electronics, voice, and field recordings of California birds and nature, creating soundscapes and textures to represent a day in a bird's life.

The title of the work and additional inspiration for the piece is based on a poem by Emily Dickinson called 'Further in Summer Than The Birds'.

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The video for the opening track, 'Rise', is truly reflective of how art is made in quarantine; the dancer shot her own footage, which was pieced together with original footage by Drum & Lace herself, as well as imagery from Yellowstone National Park. Further will be available on June 12th. 

EP Credits:
Composed and Performed by Drum & Lace
Electronics + Voice by Drum & Lace
Strings Ensemble : London Contemporary Orchestra recorded at Air-Edel Studio 1, London (UK)
Mixed by Satoshi Mark Noguchi, New York (NY)
Mastered by Ruairi O'Flaherty, Echo Mastering, Los Angeles (CA)
Cover Art 'Marrow I' by Tobias Tovera

Pre-order: BandcampiTunes | Spotify

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