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Premiere: Joris Voorn - Life (Tone Depth Remix) [Spectrum/BMG]

A stripped back progressive-leaning melodic techno cut.

Today, Magnetic brings you an exclusive premiere from rising Canadian talent Tone Depth, who's remixed none other than Joris Voorn's "Life" off his album \\\\ [Four] released last year. Taking a more minimalistic approach, Tone Depth's remix is a stripped back progressive-leaning melodic techno cut. The understated lead weaves in and out of lush atmospheric pads, over a simple and straightforward drum beat and a morphing bassline. Joris had this to say about the remix:

"I really like the minimalistic approach Tone Depth has to melodic tracks. He gives the melodies space by giving them a solid basis of a great kick and bassline. With his remix of Life, he does the same, it’s a minimalistic epic journey” 

Tone Depth's remix of Life will be available on June 19th. Grab it here.

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