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Premiere: Kami-O - Aura (Argo Remix) [Italdred]

These articles will focus on specific EP premieres/reviews for certain artists/labels within the 140 scene and beyond. This one features Kami-O with an Argo remix which is forthcoming via the label Italdred.
Lightwork EP Artwork

Lightwork EP Artwork

Italdred are back it again with another impeccable release. This one features the Scottish producer known as Kami-O with a 6 track EP that takes you on a crazy ride through intricate, glitchy 2 step anthems like "Lightworks," then into darker, more sub heavy productions like "East Wind." The EP, Lightworks, also includes a remix by the french 140 connoisseur Argo which we were happy to premiere, have a listen below.

Premiere: Kami-O - Aura (Argo Remix):

Argo brings a lot more warmth to the release with his remix of "Aura." The OG track from Kami-O is a more colder production than the remix, with grimey synths and a hard hitting, militant drum pattern. However with the remix Argo has completely flipped the track, he's let the synths die down, included more highs and almost given the drums a hip hop kind of feel. All in all its a very special remix and faultless release -- its out on June 12 on all the usual outlets. Out to the Italdred gang every single time.

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