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Roman Flügel & Jörn Elling Wuttke Re-Release Bungled Self-Titled 1994 The Primitive Painter Album

The album release was bungled by the label and became a collector's item as a result. Now it is getting a proper release 26 years later.
Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke The Primitive Painter

Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke

Roman Flügel and Jörn Elling Wuttke have re-released their 1994 self-titled album as The Primitive Painter. The saga of the album goes that due to the label, R&S, fucking things up with the release, attributing the album to the duo's own Klang Elektronik label, distributors and fans were very confused and very few people ever knew about it. This built a cult-following for the project where only 500 vinyl copies were only ever pressed, which have zipped around at inflated prices between vinyl collectors on the web.

Now fans don’t need to pay exorbitant fees for worn out vinyl as this piece of bungled history has been re-released on vinyl and on digital for all to hear. This trancy bit of quintessential 90’s electronica is a window of time into what electronic music in this era sounded like. It is breezy, danceable and primed for the after party. It is great for a vinyl-listening session and the songs are long and well crafted over nearly eight to 10 minutes each, an art that is being shafted by shorter attention spans and edits for streaming services. 

Listen to this lost album now and get it in case it is lost again to history. The album also contains an unheard and unreleased track "Testing." Get it on Bandcamp as well.

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