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Stormzy Donating £10 Million To UK Black Empowerment Causes Over Next 10 Years

Stormzy continues to be a leader in the UK music community.
Stormzy WOO HAH! Festival

Stormzy has pledged to donate £10 million, over ten years, to organizations, charities and movements that are committed to justice reform, black empowerment and fighting racial inequality within the UK.

That is a lot of money for an artist to donate to social causes, especially one who hasn’t reached the level where they have sold 100 million albums in their life or can pull in $50 million from a tour, like some legacy acts.

However, this isn’t the first act of philanthropy from Stormzy. He has been about this for some time. In 2018 he launched The Stormzy Scholarship to support Black British students through the University of Cambridge, covering tuition fees and providing a maintenance grant for up to four years. That same year, he also launched #Merky Books that provides a platform for young writers across new fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

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He hasn’t announced the full list of charities and that will likely evolve as some pop up and some close over those 10 years. Some causes will become more pressing, but either way, with Stormzy giving this much money, this should helpfully push others in the UK music business to do more for their communities. 

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