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Sustainability Tips: Coyu

The Suara founder talks about his path to a greener future.

With our industry on hold, it's given artists a lot of time to rethink their strategies both creatively and business-wise. In this time of reflection, traveling for gigs is something that many artists are ready to get back to, but with a different approach. Reducing one's carbon footprint is essential to the survival of our planet, and with such busy tour schedules, DJs are unfortunately near the top when it comes to their impact.

We began our Sustainability Tips series as a way to learn how people in our industry are rethinking and reducing their environmental impact, and today, we are joined by Spanish-artist Coyu, who's label Suara needs no introduction. Ahead of his forthcoming release, he talks about his path to a better and greener future via the steps both he and his company have taken, and continue to take. 



How do you manage your carbon footprint on the road?

Since I'm not a superstar DJ I cannot manage my carbon footprint as much as I’d like to. I cannot decide where to play every weekend, so some weeks I have to play in very diverse locations and take too many flights. If it were up to me, I wish I always had more control over all that. I’d love a ‘greener touring’ option to be adopted in some way. It’s necessary to change the way we interact with our planet, keeping in mind the impending climate catastrophe.

What do you do or are doing to be greener when you travel?

I don’t consume animal products (I’m vegan). I bring my own food (sandwiches and Tupperware with my own food just in case). I try to not use plastic and take the train when it’s possible even when isn’t the fastest way. The latter point comforts me a lot since it is a very different experience from the rush and chaos of flights, airport delays, and security.

What can you do to make your shows more sustainable?

I ask the promoters in advance to not use plastic where possible, and I believe there are already a few great events and venues very aware of all this and more including DGTL, Piknic Electronic, and Dekmantel. They have adopted smarter energy plans, 100% plastic bottle free, eco-toilettes, etc. It's a good step in the right direction.

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Outside of work, how are you looking to make your life more sustainable?

As I mentioned a moment ago, I'm vegan, I recycle and I have my foundation, label and merchandise brand ‘Suara’ that only does sustainable and organic garments. All this and much more (the process, etc.) is quite well explained in this “Organic Products / Suara Store” video, you guys will see in this film that we care about every single detail.

What are brands of products you look to as being sustainable and useful for your work?

I try to use high-quality products that last for many years, not those that although lower in price, you use them for a year or sometimes even less and then they go in the trash. I do not believe that human consumption without limits is the correct mentality to have.

How can fans be greener when attending music events?

Going vegan, recycle responsibly and trying to don't use plastic.

What do you want from events and venues to become more sustainable?

If everybody would become vegan the World would be a better and more sustainable place. So please, consider quitting eating animals and using animal-based products. That is the basis. I want to believe that people can become aware and make it happen that way naturally

Coyu's Technostalgia EP 2 will be available on June 22. Grab it here

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