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Summer is here and we’re feeling the heat in more ways than one. Whether you’re in isolation at home or in the forest, or more importantly, holding masked protests in the streets because Black Lives Matter, this heat is present in many of the tracks Indie Discotheque has selected for your ears this month. There’s always a uniqueness to the music aligned with indie and alternative dance, and the music we found this month is certainly bringing the vibes we crave.

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1. Maude Latour - Furniture

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at my furniture recently, but I’m glad I have not melted into it. Maude Latuor has, and you can learn about in this super catchy indie pop tune.

2. Verzache - Life Inside

The life inside we are all having right now is exemplified in the laid back attitude exemplified in the latest from Verzache. Lose track of time and feel this inside groove.

3. RAC - Passion feat. Louis the Child

The guitar strumming at the start of RAC’s new song, Passion, makes your heart flutter the second you hear it. Featuring vocals from Louis the Child, this one is smooth.

4. Mystery Skulls - Nothing Can Stop Us Now

Notably influenced by artists such as Justice, “Nothing Can Stop Us Now by Mystery Skulls is a song that I want to hear on a massive sound system with 1,000 other people.

5. The Killers - Fire In Bone

I find myself on the fence a lot with The Killers over the last few years, but “Fire and Bone” has an arrangement that I can picture myself losing myself to on the dance floor.

6. Phenomenal Handclap Band - Do What You Like

“Do What You LIke” brings a bit of disco sensibility to this dance track from Phenomenal Handclap Band. I love the vocal and percussion styling paired with the rhythm guitar.

7. Waterstrider - Liquid

My attraction to this song is how bouncy it is. Waterstrider has beautiful vocals overlaid the track, and when the guitar and the synth filled in, I knew I had found a new favorite.

8. Yacht - You Fuck Me Up

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Dance beats the way Yacht knows how to make dance beats, with trademark disjointed vocals and a thick, juicy bass guitar. “You Fuck Me Up” brings the dancefloor to you.

9. Walt Disco - Cut Your Hair

Haven’t cut my hair since February, so perhaps Walt Disco is trying to tell me something; but I never see anyone right now, anyway. Why bother? It’s just hair.

10. Scandroid - Nighttime

The latest from Scandroid really gets me moving with a catchy application of guitar in the forefront of the arrangement, and a pace that will surely get hands up in the air.

11. The Aquabats - No One Wants to Party!

I love how much fun this new track is from The Aquabats, a band I haven’t heard in so many years. “No One Wants to Party!” is a fitting tribute to our Saturday nights alone.

12. Nation of Language - The Wall & I

“The Wall & I” transports you away into dreamland. Nation of Language layers swirling guitar and vocal work over a pulsating wall of synth is perfect for nights in a dark room.

13. Yates - Black Acid

Opening with an extended build, “Black Acid” pulls you toward steady percussion and minimalistic arrangement. Yates’ has a vocal style that reminds me of Fenech-Soler.

14. Lovedrug - Black Wave

Am I living in isolation and having conversations with my younger self? At times it seems like it, and I’ve been there before. Lovedrug brings this idea to song beautifully.

15. Endless Digital Birthdays - Gmrglmst

Are we due to have Endless Digital Birthdays for the rest of our existence? I hope not, but the band name is brilliant, and “Gmrglmst” has the attitude and drive that I find hot.

Hear all of the songs together in one convenient playlist:

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