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The ABUS uGrip Big Folding Lock Is Your eBikes Best Friend

Finally a nice lean lock that can go along for the ride with ease and keep your eBike safe.

If you have an ebike, then chances are you know that your cargo capacity is rather limited when it comes to ulocks, watter bottle cages, etc. You also know that your bike is a target for thieves. 

I have ridden my Ride 1Up 500 series ebike for just over a year now and have been having to always ride with a back pack to carry my uLock, which is not great. The solution has finally arrived, meet the ABUS 5700 Big folding lock which mounts via plastic straps (see above) or via screws to water bottle cage mounts.  

The lock uses keys, and can be deployed quickly by unlatching it from the carrying mount and opening it up for action. No key is needed to lock it, only to unlock it - so you can get to the craft brewery faster dude/dudette! They call this CTM or Convenient Transport Mode, we call it GBF mode or Get Beer Faster. 

So if you have an ebike or a heavier fat bike or cruiser, this is a great solution that will secure your ride from bike thieves and keep the weight of a uLock off your back. It's easy to mount, easy to deploy and fits perfectly on the frame with its stealthy slim styling.

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About the brand:

ABUS has been producing folding locks for 15 years, and when released in 2014 the Bordo 5700 won Red Dot design award, quickly becoming one of ABUS’ most popular folding locks. ABUS has now expanded the award-winning line with the Bordo Big 5700. The 5700 Big is 100cm in length and features the Convenient Transport Mode (CTM)™, not found on any other folding lock. This feature is the ultimate in convenience, holding the lock closed during transport without locking it. This lets you use the key only half the time This lock is high-security and good value, perfect for a rider on the go.


  • 100cm in length
  • 5mm Steel links
  • Level 7 security
  • Made in Germany
  • MSRP: $79.99
  • Landing page: Here

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