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The Director's Cut: Riot Ten - Hype or Die: Emergence EP

Riot Ten jumps back into action with an intense bass-eccentric 7 track EP featuring artists like DIESEL, Whales, and Bok Nero.
Riot Ten

Riot Ten

It feels like with the amount of uncertainty around the world, there really is no ideal date or time to release music. However, sometimes music is just what we need in dark times to keep everyone going and to get through these monumental times. 

"I wanted to create something that was different from my previous bodies of work, yet still embodied that "Hype Or Die" aura. I named my EP 'Emergence,' due to the chaos in the world now coming to light. It is symbolic of how many have felt for some time now..and so we have risen. I stand in solidarity with those fighting injustice"- Riot Ten

Riot Ten popped up in EDM in the last few years with Dim Mak Records, Never Say Die, Insomniac Records, Bassrush and Excision's Rottun Records showing their support for this versatile producer.

Emergence, out on Dim Mak is the first EP he has released since his immense Hype or Die EP: Nightmares last year The album title fits perfectly with the energy and vibe of each song. This whole EP highlights dubstep, rap, trap, bass-heavy drops and catchy synths. This EP has features from artists like basketball icon DIESEL (aka Shaquille O'Neal) and Houston native rapper T-Wayne on "Ultimate" and Madreckless on "Narcos" which has psytrance gone dubstep.

We wanted to see what he had to say about the tracks on the EP and where his head was at during the creation process in a new Director's Cut feature.

Get your copy of the EP here.

1. Riot Ten & DirtySnatcha - Bring It Back

One of my favorite songs on the project and also one of the heaviest. I teamed up with DirtySnatcha to bring this vision to life. I wanted an EP to showcase a wide range in production, not only in dubstep but other genres as well. I feel like "Bring It Back" executed the dubstep vision to a T and I'm excited to hear the response. I'd been playing this one out live for the last 5-6 months or so and it hits every time.

2. Riot Ten & Shaquille O'Neal - Ultimate (ft. T-Wayne)

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I've always been a huge fan of Shaq so when he reached out about working together, you can imagine the excitement. I had to make it happen. We also enlisted a good friend of mine, T-WAYNE, to lace the vocals. T-WAYNE is most known for his hit record "Nasty Freestyle."

3. Riot Ten & Whales - Save You (ft. Megan Stokes)

My cousin, Megan Stokes, has always had a great voice and we finally made this collaboration happen. Teaming up with Whales was the cherry on top. One of my favorite songs and collaborations to date and look forward to making more music in this realm.

4. Riot Ten & Stoutty - Buck (feat. Bok Nero)

Stoutty is one of my favorite up and coming producers and this our second collaboration together. And as with our first collab "All The Smoke," we enlisted Bok Nero to bring his hype vocals to the track. This is one of the hardest songs on the entire EP and I imagine will be one of the fan favorites. Wait until you hear this one live.

5. Riot Ten & Madreckless - Narcos

When writing this EP, I wanted to give the fans something different than what they're used to. Narcos is one of those songs. Madreckless and I always work well together so we came up with this banger as part 2 of "Los Pinches" so to speak. As both of us are Hispanic, we've grown quite accustomed to the Hispanic themes in our collaborations.

6. Riot Ten & Whales - Save You (feat. Megan Stokes) [VIP Mix]

We wanted to keep the melodic breakdown but switch it up with a hard drop for the live show. Before COVID-19, this VIP was going off at every live show and there seems to be a ton of excitement for it.

7. Riot Ten - Rail Breaker (feat. Rico Act) [VIP Mix]

I mean, let's be honest, it was about time. haha

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