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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of June 2020

This month we celebrate some of the Black artists behind the music we love

June proved to be a tumultuous month for the world; from the immense tragedy of George Floyd’s murder sparked a worldwide call for an end to injustice under the resurgence of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. As a result, our communities came together, demanding change and uniting over a shared heartbreak. While these issues have always been important and these changes long overdue, June saw the movement become a worldwide call to action, with many of us taking the time to seriously reflect on our own prejudices and privileges, giving birth to a constructive discussion on how we can be better. With that in mind, we’ve taken the opportunity to highlight just a few of the many black artists involved in our scene, a scene born from the struggles of minorities (as are most genres of music), for this month’s chart. Here are the 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of June 2020.

1. GLXY & Degs – “Young Hearts” (Charity Release in aid of the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust)  

Following the heartbreak felt far & wide after the death of George Floyd & the resulting Black Lives Matter movement, GLXY & Degs joined forces to create “Young Hearts.” A powerful piece of music with all profits going towards the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust (an organization who work with disadvantaged youths across the UK), the track is poignant and earnest, profound and moving, and encapsulates the hopes and struggles of black people all over the world.

2. Mr Joseph & Illmatika feat. Sherona Knight & Curmiah Lisette - “Already Know You” (Liquid V) 

This gorgeous gem comes courtesy of a plethora of amazing talent on V Recording’s sister label Liquid V. A romantic serenade of the senses, the track is accompanied by a black & white music video that furthers the opulent atmosphere the artists have created. Sophisticated, indulgent, and truly memorable! 

3. Brookes Brothers – “Make No Sound” feat. Liam Bailey (Drum&Bass Arena) 

We’ve always known that everything the Brookes Brothers touch turns to gold, but together with the mesmerizing voice of Liam Bailey their sound soars to new heights. Exuding power and infectious energy, “Make No Sound” is set to be yet another anthem under both artists’ belts.

4. Clipz feat Ms. Dynamite, Ms. Banks & Jaykae – “Again” (Special Request vs Paul Woolford Remix) (RCA Records) 

Featuring an all star lineup of vocalists dishing up infectious verses over the bouncy beats of Clipz, “Again” is a lively jungle number that celebrates the genre’s roots and diversity, bringing together an impressive array of talent for a seriously wicked result. As if it couldn’t get any better, June saw the release of the Special Request vs Paul Woolford Remix which breathes whole new life into the track – check it out!

5. Critycal Dub & DRS – “Asking Too Much” (V Recordings) 

Sao Paolo’s Critycal Dub teams up with the one & only DRS for this soulful liquid roller that is absolutely gorgeous. DRS’s captivating voice flows softly over the sounds of Critycal Dub for a serene & tranquil number that is sure to soothe the soul. 

6. Shy FX & Sinead Harnett – “Too Shy” (Breakage Remix) (Culture)

This vibrant, radio-friendly hip-hop classic from Shy FX gets the remix treatment from none other than Breakage who seamlessly infuses plenty of old school jungle flavor into the track for one seriously wicked tune. The perfect balance of original elements amidst signature Breakage sounds.

7. Charli Brix & Visages – “Full Circle” (DJ Marky Remix) (Flexout Audio) 

Celebrating the release of her Kintsugi EP last year, Flexout Audio have released a series of remixes of some of Charli Brix’ most well-loved tunes, including this one from the legendary DJ Marky himself. Transforming the techy original into a soothing, soulful number, DJ Marky’s signature style is the perfect accompaniment to Charli Brix’ iconic vocals and Visages’ production.

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8. T.R.A.C. & Atlantic Connection – “The Making Of” (Need For Mirrors Remix) (V Recordings)  

June saw the release of this Need For Mirrors remix of T.R.AC. & Atlantic Connection’s “The Making Of.” Taking the original New York Hip-Hop flavors of T.R.A.C. and Atlantic Connection’s Los Angeles sounds, Need For Mirrors gives the track a darker edge, adding in elements of the UK’s underground while still maintaining the power and pull of the original.

9. Tantrum Desire – “The Arena” (Technique) 

The king of dancefloor drum & bass returns to home label Technique Recordings this month with “The Arena.” A suspenseful, adrenaline-pumped weapon of a tune, Tantrum Desire once again delivers high-octane, in-your-face drum & bass that is chaotic in nature yet incredibly crisp production-wise.

10. FD – “The Feeling” feat. KinKai (The North Quarter) 

This month saw London-based FD team up with Mancunian KinKai for “The Feeling,” an illustrious, charming liquid record on boutique label The North Quarter. Graceful and sophisticated, “The Feeling” pairs two underrated talents together for a stunning result.

11. Pola & Bryson and DJ Marky – “Dogfighter” (Shogun) 

Another stunning release from DJ Marky this month, this time a collaboration with English duo Pola & Bryson, is “Dogfighter” on Shogun Audio. An enchanting liquid number with a murky twist, the track’s graceful introduction stands in stark juxtaposition with the surprisingly dark drop, giving the track a unique edge that makes it a stand out from this month.

12. Rido & Coppa – “My Thoughts” (Rido Music) 

With a cheeky nod to Jay-Z’s “The Ruler’s Back," Rido and Coppa team up for “My Thoughts,” a sinister tune with an emphasis on phenomenal sound design. Crisp and sharp, the track boasts intricate construction and attention to detail that leads to an impressively deep and immersive sound overall.

13. Whiney & MC GQ – “Guernsey Airport Bubbler” (Hospital)

Making his debut on Hospital after many years on their now-retired Med School imprint, Whiney shows us what he’s made of with “Guernsey Airport Bubbler.” With the legendary MC GQ in on MC duties, this dutty number is minimal by design but brings maximum dancefloor destruction. Resounding basslines together with MC GQ’s inimitable energy transports us back to the rave for a few minutes. 

14. Dimension feat. Sharlene Hector – “Saviour” (Dimension) 

The first single off his highly anticipated debut album, Dimension treated us to “Saviour” this month. A powerful, cinematic number, Dimension’s immaculate sounds are matched only by the absolutely stunning voice of Sharlene Hector, who’s range, depth, and emotion make this a truly special track. 

15. Enei & Particle feat. Jakes – “Fame” (Critical) 

The lead single off of Enei’s Voices EP, the Russian heavyweight teams up with up-and-comer Particle and the eminent Jakes for “Fame” on home label Critical. A murky, sinister track, Jakes’ distinct voice adds to the eerie suspense of the tune, which exudes ominous and enigmatic vibes right from the start. 

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