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Album Review: E.M.M.A - Indigo Dream

It has been seven years since E.M.M.A's last album it has been worth the wait.
EMMA Indigo Dream cover

UK composer and producer E.M.M.A has released her new album Indigo Dream. The album comes seven years after her debut in 2013, Blue Gardens and helped develop a strong tastemaker and underground reputation.

Now seven years on and not a second sooner, we have Indigo Dream that lives up to the title. The album is bright, colorful and beautiful. She seeks to explore “the fluid nature of a dream” across the nine tracks with a mix of synths that range from 90’s rave to swirling atmospheric pads, spooky organs and shimmering sounds that make it feel like you have entered some fantasy wonderland.

“I wanted to explore many intertwined streams of unconsciousness, which swirl in and out across the album’s ‘tracks.’ It is a form of escape but also non-fiction," she explains in a press release.

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Indigo Dream is the dream you wish you could remember when you wake up with its colorful sounds, bright textures and kaleidoscopic mix of drums and synths. It all blends together like a trip you have to allow to wash over you.

Enjoy the full record now and get your copy here. It also comes in digital and physical format including a cassette with a poster that has a very good-looking cat on it.

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