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Inner City Release First Album In Nearly 30 Years 'We All Move Together'

Inner City are in fine form with their first album in a long time.
Inner City

Inner City

Inner City has released a new album We All Move Together out now on Armada Music. It is the group’s first LP since 1992’s Praise. Now after a nearly two and a half decade hiatus, the group fronted by Detroit techno pioneer Kevin Saunderson is back and has a new album.

Inner City was one of the dominant forces in dance music in the late 80’s and early 90’s, putting out a string of hits like “Big Fun,” “Good Life,” Do You Love What You Feel” and “Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin.'" The songs crossed over in a way that was quite different from the type of techno he has been making during the genre’s formation in the Detroit alongside Juan Atkins and Derrick May.

The group went on hiatus for nearly 25 years, but was reconstituted in 2017 with Kevin Saunderson’s youngest son Dantiez and now vocalist Steffanie Christi’an who completes the trio. The album was made over the span of 18 months in between various touring gigs and now is available to the world.

It feels classic, but not old. Kevin’s steady hand has the Inner City sound imprinted in this, but there is a clear modernity to this that keeps it ready for a modern dancefloor (wherever that may be).

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Idris Elba opens the album with a call to action to unite under the umbrella of dance.

The album is soulful, joyous blend of piano house, dancefloor ready records and classic sounding disco-influenced house music. It is meant to uplift in a time when we need that. There are moments of softer introspection with “I Can Feel My Heart Again.”

It may be an odd time to release a comeback album after nearly three decades, but it is just right for the rest of us who could use some quality dance music by one of the true pioneers and a group that helped show how dance music can crossover without being cheesy nonsense.

Listen to We All Move Together now and get your copy here.

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