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Ambient Meditations Podcast Vol 10 - Bing & Ruth (David Moore)

The 10th episode of our podcast dedicated to chillout, downtempo, neo-classical and all forms of ambient electronic music.
David Moore of Bing & Ruth photo by Tonje Thilesen 

David Moore of Bing & Ruth photo by Tonje Thilesen 

This week we are joined by Bing & Ruth's David Moore to talk about his new album, inspirations from the California desert, the Farfisa organ, and more. Their new album Species came out on 4AD July 17 (2020) and will mark the fourth album from his shape-shifting modern minimalist/ambient ensemble. Moore's Ambient Meditations mix he has done for us runs almost as a sort of parallel to Species, a cinematic score to man's constant, if not eternal, existential dilemma. Inspired by classic soundtracks, artistic contemplation, and our place in the universe. The mix is expanding, beautiful, and timely in this time of pandemic peril, political strife, and global warming. This one will make you think, feel, and hopefully recalibrate. Enjoy.

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