Ambient Meditations Vol. 11 - The Ghost of Brian Eno (Reflections)

This week's guest isn't a person, it's the algorithm of one. Meet Reflections, the ambient album concept by Brian Eno that generates music with machine learning.
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This week we are doing something a little different, our guest is not a person per se but the algorithm of one. The application/album Reflections by Brian Eno is an experiment in machine learning applied to regenerative music, it's an algorithm that recycles loops and textures to create an ongoing ambient composition. It's like literally having the ghost of Eno just living in your iPad ready to create at any time, and what's even cooler is that it moves with the seasons and generates a video image to correspond with the sounds. Download it stat if you like what you hear. Headphones on, let's reflect with the ghost of Brian Eno. 

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