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Apparat Releases Fourth Score Of 2020 'Soundtracks: Equals Sessions'

Apparat releases his fourth score of 2020 with 'Soundtracks: Equals Sessions.'
Apparat Equals Soundtrack

Apparat has released the final of four soundtracks he is putting out in 2020. Soundtracks: Equals Sessions is the score for a 2015 film Equals, starring Kristen Stewart and directed by Drake Doremus.

Unlike his previous soundtracks released officially this year, this film is American. The score was co-produced and co-written with Nackt, but he updated, rearranged, re-recorded and mixed it for its final release with Philipp Thimm in May and June 2020. The score also contains several songs by US musician, composer, and producer Dustin O ́Halloran.

Like his previous soundtracks, Equals feels meditative. There are moments where it feels grand and expansive, but it is largely very calm and peaceful as the project slowly moves through soft synths, melancholic strings and stuttering fx that lull you into a tranquil state that could flip at any moment with a slight creeping unease.

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Stream the full soundtrack below and get your copy here.

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