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Australian Producer Lucille Croft Shares Riveting Single "Control"

Midtempo meets bass with a spine-tingling twist.
Lucille Croft

Lucile Croft

Rising into stardom, Australian DJ and producer Lucille Croft delivers her new single "Control," which will pull you into a hypnotic realm of bass.

The core of "Control" is centered around vocals performed by Lucille herself and a variety of distorted and mechanized bass patches, which subsequently sows the production together in an innovative way. While the first drop brings out all of the dynamic energy you would expect from an artist of this caliber, Lucille Croft takes us one step further with a second drop full of atmospherical synths with an abundance of reverb that is exceptionally countered by layered, effects-loaded bass patches.

As time keeps ticking, the Australian artist will continue to roll out more pulsating tracks that are all pieces of a big and mysterious puzzle that she has been constructing for us. 

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Stream "Control" here.

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