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Beatport Reinstates Hard Techno Genre Category

Bring on the hard techno.
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Beatport has reinstates its Hard Techno category. The sub-genre had been slotted in with the Techno (Peak Time/ Driving/ Hard) category, but now will get its own category on the music store.

With the various sub-genres of techno exploding, especially hard techno, they felt it was right to bring back hard techno under its own category.

"Many labels and artists, including myself, were absolutely gutted when the Hard Techno was combined with Peak Time/Driving,” says D.A.V.E. The Drummer in a statement. “The two styles of music have actually moved farther apart, with more melodic techno at one end of the spectrum and harder faster music at the other. I’m very glad to have the Hard Techno genre back. I once again feel that I am part of a scene and belong to a sound of music that is relevant to my label. Good call, Beatport.”

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