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Billy Kenny Removed From Shambhala At Home Festival Over Sexual Assault Allegations, He Kind Of Admits & Apologizes "Allegedly"

Billy Kenny has been accused to sexual assault and abuse by multiple women.
Billy Kenny

Billy Kenny

Shambhala’s virtual Shambhala At Home festival has removed UK producer and DJ Billy Kenny from their lineup after accusations by multiple women of abuse, something today he has responded to.

“After careful consideration, Shambhala Music Festival has removed Billy Kenny from the Shambhala at Home Digital Stream Event. We take any allegations of assault, whether it be physical, verbal or sexual, very seriously and we do not condone that behaviour in any way,” the festival wrote.

Billy Kenny has been accused of sexual assault, including harassment and abuse. You can see some of the allegations below, some of which are very specific to a gig in 2017 in Edmonton where he grabbed two women working at the club's asses.

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He has responded today, by kind of taking a little responsibility, but not really, still calling the instances “allegedly,” but saying he was “out of control.” He admits his behavior was “unacceptable and inconsistent” with who he his today and he can’t imagine acting in those ways now. He calls the instance where he grabbed a woman's ass a "trick." He apologizes for any turmoil caused. He says he will be bettering himself and he will be attending sessions at Leeds Women’s Aid and Women’s Lives Leeds. You can DM him with suggestions.

Read the statement below.

Leeds Women's Aid released a statement that distanced themselves from him and made it clear he is not welcome at their space until he figures out his own problem. They do not want to be used as a way for him to seem like he is getting better.

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