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Lapalux Releases Lush New EP 'Esrevoinma'

This is Lapalux's first new project since last year's 'Amnioverse.'
Lapalux Esrevoinma

Lapalux has released a new EP Esrevoinma. This is the first new project for the producer since his late 2019 LP Amnioverse.

The new six track EP will feature three alternative versions of Amnioverse tracks and three new ones. It opens with the beautiful and warbling “Nebula” that exhales and mists like a Nebula of stars expanding in all of its color out into space. “51 Endless Pulses” switches on a dime from a quivering ambient record to a grinding and fast experimental bit electronic music that ends as quickly as it began. The alt versions of the Amnioverse tracks offer a slightly more subdued take on the originals, while the live version of “Earth” is more energetic and frenetic, as if the damage being done to earth is being thrown right back in your face.

Listen to the full project below and get your copy here via Brainfeeder. All proceeds from his catalog on Bandcamp today (July 3) will go to BLM causes.

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According to Lapalux, the release was planned months ago with tracks that didn't make Amnioverse plus the alternative tracks, but things changed in the world.

"It’s release was planned many months ago," he explains in a statement. "I don’t feel like it’s the right time to release anything in such a volatile landscape and I have personally stepped away from all social media for the past several months for my own mental health reasons but it’s a very important time in history and a time for us as a people to change and make a difference."

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