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Madface signs exclusively to Viper Recordings + brand new single

Madface signs to the mighty Viper alongside the release of a brand new single

Since its inception, Viper has always thrived as a label largely due to Futurebound’s keen eye for talent. Viper has been home to some of the hottest acts in Drum & Bass today, including Sigma, Nero, Camo & Krooked, DC Breaks, Delta Heavy, Seven Lions, and Fred V & Grafix who all started their careers under Futurebound’s guidance. Carrying on a tradition of strength and prosperity, Viper’s new wave of artists have also proven to be more than diamonds in the rough, with acts like Dossa & Locuzzed, Ekko & Sidetrack, Millbrook, Giganti, and Jack Mirror all joining the family in recent years. Now, Viper are proud to announce the latest addition to the mighty Viper roster: Madface.



Hailing from one of DnB’s most notorious hubs, the Czech producer has already earned the support of RAM Records and Liquicity, a testament to his versatile, top quality releases. Making his  Viper debut on Bassrush 3.0 with his track ‘Jungle’, Madface has long been a friend of the label, with tracks like ‘Never See Your Face Again’ featured on the iconic Acts of Mad Men Vol. 2 compilation and ‘Phase’ on this year’s Bassrush 4.0 all making waves in their own rights. With such an impressive track record already, it was high time Futurebound seal the deal and invite him to join the prolific label as an exclusive artist.

His first release as a signed member of the Viper family comes in the form of ‘Thinking To Myself’. An electric dancefloor number, the track’s vibrant chords are matched only by the infectious charm of vocalist Isaac Evans. Colourful and catchy, Madface shows us his ability to create outstanding summertime anthems and proves why Futurebound sought him out to join the label. With so much excitement going on, we decided it was high time to sit down and have a chat with Madface. 

Congratulations on signing to Viper – has this always been a goal of yours?
Thank you so much. Yes, I've always wanted to be part of the label like Viper. It's a label I've been following since I started with music and their sound is very close to me. A lot of great artists like Sigma, Nero, Camo & Krooked and many more started a career there, so I'm thankful that guys gave me the same chance.

What was the build-up to your signing?
It came naturally. Few years ago I had a few unsigned tunes and didn’t know what label would be the best for signing them. At the same time Suki (Let It Roll boss) was my manager and he got in touch with Brendan (Futurebound) and introduced me to him. I sent him a few tracks and he liked them. I was incredibly happy! We started building up the relationship with Viper since then until they offered me an exclusive signing. The dream came true.

And what has it been like working with the team so far?
Great. I’m so happy that the team helps me with everything that I need, especially with finding a singer or doing promo. It’s a group of really good people, that was the main reason why I agreed with signing without even thinking about it. 

What’s the first track you ever remember hearing from the label?
Matrix and Futurebound - Coast to Coast. I still love it! 

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You’ve been featured on a few compilations up until now, including Acts of Mad Men and Bassrush, but ‘Thinking To Myself’ is your first single release with the label – can you tell us a bit more about that?
‘Thinking To Myself’ is the first single from many I’m preparing for Viper. I wrote the tune in Malaga on my annual family holiday. I made it quite fast, maybe because of the summer vibes I was feeling there. Anyway it wasn’t finished yet, still missing something, so I added a vocal by Isaac Evans which he recorded for my other tune and his voice moved the track to another level. I was finally happy with it and could finish it.

Have you got much more in store after this?
Yeah, I’ve finished another few tracks and I’m currently working on many more. All of them will be out soon :) 

Do you have a personal favourite Viper release? Or are there any artists on the label you’d like to work with in the future?
It's a difficult question, but if I have to pick up only one it would be The Prototypes - Pale Blue Dot / Lights. I still play both of them. Regarding collaborations with artists on the label, yeah for sure, for instance Cyantific, Matrix & Futurebound, Ekko & Sidetrack and many many more (haha) 

You’re from the Czech Republic, what is the scene like there compared to other places you’ve played?
I’ve only played in a few countries so far, so it’s difficult to compare it. Anyway Czech Republic is home of many great producers like Rido, Forbidden Society, A-Cray, Meph, Ripple, Symplex but also many who aren't much known in the world d’n’b scene yet . We have many good festivals like Let It Roll, Beats For Love, Imagination and many club nights. We all know each other, we are such a Czech d’n’b family. 

Czech also seems to be one of the first places to start having socially-distanced live music events again (we’re so jealous!) – have you been to any? What was it like?
Haha, I totally understand you. Yeah, you’re right, we can organize events for max. 1000 people, so the biggest festivals decided to do a special version of their events for this year with Czech artists. Anyway, next weekend I’m playing at Beats For Love where Dimension and Mark Night will headline the stages and after that weekend I’m at a special version of Let It Roll with Camo & Krooked, A.M.C., and Koven, so things are starting to look better and better now.
I was playing at Beats For Love in my hometown Ostrava two weeks ago and it was awesome. It was the first gig after the Covid break, so it’s been great to see friends and fans I haven’t seen since the break.

Where would you most like to play once things go back to normal?
Definitely Let It Roll (in usual version) 

Thank you so much for your time today & we can’t wait to see what’s next from Madface!
Thank you guys, my pleasure!

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