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Magnetic Mix 105: WDDS

Manchester DJ and producer WDDS delivers some blissful and atmospheric rave for the weekend.


Manchester DJ and producer Jonny Weare, professionally known as WDDS, is next up for our Magnetic Mix that should be a cheeky little addition for your distanced and smaller July 4th celebrations. Having released a new EP Reunited/Wilderness last Friday that bridges ambient, jungle and breakbeat into a sturdy two-tracker, he takes that same sound and sentiment into a mix.

“I'm back with another EP on my label Hectare Discs Reunited/ Wilderness. Two stepping cuts packing deep atmospheric blissful rave tones. Both of these tunes were made during a time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and aim to offer both reflective moods and hopes for a brighter future,” explains WDDS.

“This mix I've provided explores the realms of bass music, techno and dubstep with a hint of Masaai flavors. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did putting it together.”

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Listen to the new mix now for some blissful rave on the weekend.

1. Deadbeat & Martin Bakero - Mana Audible
2. WDDS - Reunited
3. ILK & Pugilist - Untitled
4. Circles and Elipses - Opala
5. LMajor - Raving Cru (Caldera Remix)
6. Batu & Lurka - Curved (Bambounou Hyperstreet Remix)
7. Baby T - Porta (Hybrid Mix)
8. Djrum - Mountains Pt 1
9. rRoxymore - Tropicalcore
10. Bakongo - Disposition
11. TSVI - Parade
12. Saronde - Shitongoiwa
13. Otik - Whole Wide Worlds
14. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling
15. WDDS - Wilderness

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