Magnetic Mix 105: WDDS

Manchester DJ and producer WDDS delivers some blissful and atmospheric rave for the weekend.
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Manchester DJ and producer Jonny Weare, professionally known as WDDS, is next up for our Magnetic Mix that should be a cheeky little addition for your distanced and smaller July 4th celebrations. Having released a new EP Reunited/Wilderness last Friday that bridges ambient, jungle and breakbeat into a sturdy two-tracker, he takes that same sound and sentiment into a mix.

“I'm back with another EP on my label Hectare Discs Reunited/ Wilderness. Two stepping cuts packing deep atmospheric blissful rave tones. Both of these tunes were made during a time of isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and aim to offer both reflective moods and hopes for a brighter future,” explains WDDS.

“This mix I've provided explores the realms of bass music, techno and dubstep with a hint of Masaai flavors. I hope you enjoy this mix as much as I did putting it together.”

Listen to the new mix now for some blissful rave on the weekend.

1. Deadbeat & Martin Bakero - Mana Audible
2. WDDS - Reunited
3. ILK & Pugilist - Untitled
4. Circles and Elipses - Opala
5. LMajor - Raving Cru (Caldera Remix)
6. Batu & Lurka - Curved (Bambounou Hyperstreet Remix)
7. Baby T - Porta (Hybrid Mix)
8. Djrum - Mountains Pt 1
9. rRoxymore - Tropicalcore
10. Bakongo - Disposition
11. TSVI - Parade
12. Saronde - Shitongoiwa
13. Otik - Whole Wide Worlds
14. Appleblim & Peverelist - Circling
15. WDDS - Wilderness

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