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Magnetic Mix 106: 00970

Genre-bending ambient and experimental music from the Palestinian multidisciplinary artist 00970.


Ramallah multidisciplinary artist 00970 is the next DJ and producer up in our Magnetic Mix series. The Palestinian artist released his new Under The Ground / تحت الأرض through local label, Mediteranos in June and he carries that same spirit into this mix.

The mix is dark and mind melding as tracks transform with each passing mix. It seeks to represent the disorder and chaos that he comes from in Palestine.

"This mixtape is a dark journey that transforms the sounds around me into industrial textures,” explains 00970. “Ambient and experimental elements combine to capture and portray the disorder of the world I come from. Included are tracks off my latest album Under the Ground that was released 15 June via the Palestine-based experimental label Mediteranos."

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See the tracklist below and listen to the mix now.


1. 00970 - Under the Ground 01 [Mediteranos]
2. 00970 - Under the Ground 00 (Asifeh Remix) [Mediteranos]
3. GOM - Shedding Your Skin [Mediteranos]
4. Lil Asaf - Athgal Damm
5. Claviceps Purpurea - You Might Survive (But We Hope Not) - (Nigh/T\mare Remix)
6. Noform - Svytost
7. CYPHR - Ekleipsis
8. Opacity - Sangam
9. Mya Gomez & Felix Idle - T2 Meltdown
10. 00970 - Under the Ground 04 [Mediteranos]
11. Lakker - Tundra
12. Lakker - Pylon
13. Solid Void - I Cant Cry on Cue - (Ramirexx_Remix)

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