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Patrick Holland Reveals Real Reason Why He Retired Project Pablo Alias

The name was harmful to members of the Latinx community.
Patrick Holland

Patrick Holland

Canadian producer Patrick Holland has admitted the real reason why he dropped his alias Project Pablo back in January.

In a statement, he said that the move wasn’t just creative or musical as we were led to believe at the time, but rather because it was offensive to many Latinx people.

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“I omitted the fact that members of the Latinx community had reached out to me publicly and privately, to express their discomfort towards my moniker and educate me on why using the name “Pablo” is harmful and appropriative as a white, non-Latinx, non-spanish-speaking person,” he explains in the statement. “I did so in order to protect myself, and my career,” he admits, saying he didn’t mention it in the initial statement and then in subsequent interviews.

“I will be more critical of how my actions, artistic output, and presence impact marginalized people inside and outside of my immediate community,” says Holland. “I’ll continue to educate myself in being more actively anti-oppressive in my practice and as a citizen. On top of continuing to donate a portion of my income to Coast Protectors in BC, I will give monthly to the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project and The Immigrant Defence Project in the USA.”

As he acknowledges in the statement, it would have been good for him to admit this back in January when the change was made, but at least he has come out and said it. He didn’t have to admit this, so credit where credit is due. Now that people are starting to wake up to white DJs taking on names from the cultures they claim to represent and profit from, expect some more changes. Our inbox gets hit with some very questionable names every day... 

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