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Playlist: Skream's Top 10 Favorite Electro Tracks

Skream drops in for some prime time electro belters.


One of the hardest working men in UK dance music (up there with Paul Woolford), Skream is back at it again. Skream’s career has evolved from pioneer and early dubstep OG to house, techno and disco producer, though not without ruffling a few stiff and crusty feathers. Now the genre-hopping DJ and producer is putting out whatever the hell he wants and last month released a delightful piece of breaks and electro with Tom Demac titled “EMF” on Hot Creations that also arrived with a remix from label head Jamie Jones. With the dark electro and breaks still tingling the senses, we asked Skream to come up with his all time electro belters in one playlist.

He digs deeper on this one with some hammering tunes from across the years. So get to listening on your hot Tuesday. Get “EMF” now here and listen to it in the playlist.

1. The Other People Place - Let Me Be Me

Jackmaster played me this in 2014 and I’ve still never heard anything quite like it.

2. Claro Intelecto - Peace Of Mind

Proper emo electro!

3. Der Zyklus - Die Dämmerung von Nanotech

Picked this one up from Hardwax Records. Absolutely love it.

4. Mandroid - Linear Phase

Love the darker vibes on this. Played it regularly during my Open To Close tour in 2017 I think.

5. Kosh - Damn Frogs

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This one came out last year and is taken from Kosh’ album Endless Quest. Highly recommended.

6. AUX88 - Technology (Techno Bass Mix)

Absolute classic from some proper Detroit legends!

7. Ekman - Anker Punten

This came out in May on Shipwrec. Ticks all the boxes for me. Shuffling groove, big bass and sick synths!

8. Computor Rockers - Computor Interface

Love everything by Computor Rockers. Proper top notch electro. Check out “B BOYS” by them too if you don’t already know it.

9. Gosub - Sordon's Love

Proper 80’s flavors on this one. Classy.

10. Skream & Tom Demac - EMF

Shameless plug. OUT NOW!

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