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Road Trippin' Supplies - Not Interested In Flying, But Still Want To Get Out?

The return of the great American road trip is on the rise due to the pandemic, here are some things to make it better and safer.

With the hardcore reality setting in that, we are not even close to being done with this pandemic; many are taking to the road to find remote places to vacation and get away from the city. Whether you are camping or going to the family cabin in the middle of nowhere, here are some things that can make the journey a little better and safer.

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Eczema Honey's Well Being Kit

The Well-being Kit contains a reusable face covering, a pair of cotton gloves, and a travel size hand sanitizer to keep you ready to mingle and sanitize around other humans. Keep it in your car, in your back pack or in your purse to always be ready.

Resusable and Washable Face Covering - The mask features a little bee on it for starters. It says I love bees, or honey, or maybe both? More importantly, it features triple-layered, reusable, and washable face coverings. A great alternative to disposable face masks - stay safe and keep the planet from disposing of more trash.

Pair of Washable Cotton Gloves - These might be a bit extreme, but at this point why take chances? The Eczema Honey Premium Cotton Gloves are a super comfortable way to provide a barrier between your skin and the environment - like nasty gas stations.

2 oz. Fragrance-Free Hand Sanitizer - Eczema Honey's hand sanitizer is a simple and convenient antiseptic rub. Pop it in the glove box to have on hand; you might need a couple of bottles if you are going a long way.

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Drift Car Wood Car Scent

We got the Scent of the month - June aka Hemingway with a scent profile of cedar, bergamot, coconut, tobacco & amber but it's also available in grove, teak and mill. Simply take the wood block, afix it to the clip that goes on your sun visor and start breathing in the goodness. Also available in room sprays so if the car or tent really starts to stink of highway and sweat, fire away.

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Trip Wipes 

Another great product to keep you safe and sanitized on the road is Trip Wipes. These allow you to wipe down surfaces quickly like tables, toilets, cell phones, etc. to make sure any nasties get neutralized. Trip Wipes has created a single-use, great smelling, premium hand sanitizing wipe that kills 99.9% of germs. Super easy to keep handy, made in the USA, environmentally friendly and 3% of net profits are given to fight infectious diseases. They also offer a larger "shower sheet" and spray sanitizer to add to your arsenal.

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Yup, we all need it and TPKits have the ultimate solution for anything a road or camping trip can throw at you. Sketchy gas station bathroom? Outhouse? Woods? You can pack these little kits with ease and do your duty with confidence. He said duty... shhhhh. These packs have everything you need for a couple trips to the where ever, come with wet and dry wipes and can easily fit into your backpack, glovebox, etc. The are also 100% biodegradable so you can feel ok if you bury it in a compost pile, composting toilet or in that cool little hole you just dug. 

  • Only TP Kit on the market with both tissues and wet wipes in a single package
  • Each resealable package contains five 2-ply tissues and two wet wipes
  • Tissues and wet wipes are made from a cotton blend fiber - 100% biodegradable
  • 2-ply tissues are softer compared to other wipes
  • Small, convenient size (3.9375" x 3.8125")
  • Lightweight (0.6oz)
  • Not super expensive 
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Sneaker Wipes - 12 Pack 

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Yes, another wipe, but hey, don't your sneakers deserve to look fresh and clean as well? Pack these up in your bag to have on hand should your kicks have any mishaps. Spill something at the bbq, step in a mud puddle on your glamping hike, or just a tune up before dinner. No need to travel with a ton of kicks anymore - you have a back up plan.

They come in packets that small enough to be taken anywhere and can be used on most materials - like suede, nubuck, leather, and canvas.

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LIVSN Flex Canvas Travel / Outdoor Pants

So when hitting the road, comfort is always a factor whether you are behind the wheel or setting up your camp site. These pants from new comers LIVSN are up for the task and will provide you with comfort, style and durability - these are the Swiss army knife of pants if that helps put it into perspective. 

Finally a pair of pants that can be tactical without necessarily looking like it. With features like a gusseted crotch, articulated knees, zippered security pockets, discrete every day carry pockets, roll-up leg system, ventilation, and reinforcements at all stress points, all while looking like casual city pants. 

With a custom material they call EcoFlex Canvas, you get a nice full range of motion (aka a tiny bit stretchy), and a quick drying fabric that is incredibly durable. 

  • Built to be versatile, comfortable, and tough
  • Made with sustainable 7.3oz EcoFlex Canvas
  • Useful features subtlety integrated
  • Reinforced and refined construction
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Helinox Chair Two

We are big fans of collapsable chairs and Helinox makes some of the best on the market. We have tested our fair share and we always come back to Helinox when we are planning our outings. They are light, comfortable and easy to build, along with being incredibly durable. Whether you are using it at the bbq, around the campfire or at the festival campsite (some day soon we hope), you can always be comfortable. The Chair Two is their lightest, most compact high-back chair and sets up in about 3 minutes - or less if you are really fast. 

The Chair Two weighs just 2.5 pounds and can support up to 320 lbs. It breaks down just as easily as it sets up, and pro tip - the carry bag can be used as a neck pillow.

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Stumptown Coffee Drip Packs and Single-Serve w/ Oatmilk

We have been fans of Stumptown cold brew for years and now they have a new product to keep you going on the road, at home or the office. A fusion of Cold Brew coffee with OATLY oat milk in three flavors. Just put them on ice in your cooler and you are in business.

  • Made with OATLY Oatmilk (100% Vegan)
  • Includes two (2) of each flavor: Original, Chocolate and Horchata
  • Caffeine equivalent of 8oz Cold Brew (about 1.5 cups of drip coffee)
  • 100% recyclable carton - made from 53% renewable material
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Single Serve Packet with Brewer

If you are more of a traditional coffee drinker and like yours hot and delicious, the single serve pour over kit is brilliant. Whether you are camping or just want to avoid nasty hotel room coffee, simply find some hot water, rip it open and place it at the top of your mug, and gently pour in the boiling water. It's not the fastest way to make coffee, but it is worth the wait. Each single-serve packet contains 17g of roasted and ground coffee. No prep or clean up. Just add water.

  • Brews one 10oz cup
  • Travel Ready
  • No Equipment Necessary
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SmellyProof Bags 

As you know road trips can often mean a lack of decent places to eat, and if fast food is just not your thing then pack your meals along in a cooler (Try this cooler from Otterbox, the ice will last for days). These bags from SmellyProof are good for keeping your food fresh and the smell locked in, especially when you are camping - bears foraging through your campsite is not all that exciting. They can also be used multiple times, so wash them out and you are good to go for another round of storage. They come in a variety of sizes perfect for any adventure. 

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