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SoundCloud Launches New AI Mastering Tool Powered By Dolby

SoundCloud has launched its own mastering tool for $4.99 per song.
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SoundCloud has launched a new AI mastering tool, Mastering On SoundCloud, powered by Dolby.

The new mastering tool costs $4.99 per track, while Pro Unlimited Users get three free tracks per month with each subsequent master costing $3.99 per track after that. It costs the same to master any type of file, even WAV, FLAC or AIFF.

SoundCloud in a blog post claims that the Dolby mastering tech isn’t just any old mastering tool, but it will “critically listen to your music similar to the way an engineer would – identifying the details, the sections, and musical transitions that give your song its unique story arc.”

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The mastering tool comes in four modes. The four modes are called Thunder, for a sound that makes “car speakers rumble and club systems shake”, Sunroof, to “open your mid and high frequencies and bring some life to your transients”, Clear Sky to “brighten your mix, manage your dynamics and reign in your low-end” and Aurora “for something ethereal, light and wavy.”

SoundCloud Mastering Tool

You can preview a 30 second clip before deciding whether or not you want to commit to the type of master. There’s also a mastering intensity slider between zero and 100%. Once you commit, SoundCloud will you details on what the mastering did to the track.

Test it out for yourself and see if the new SC AI is right for you, or just try to do it yourself. Or hire a mastering engineer if you want to really make things sound great, but that is much more than $5.

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