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The New Logitech Mac MX Master 3 and MX Keys Might Convince You To Upgrade

Hardcore Mac users finally get the upgraded mouse and keyboard they have been looking for
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Suppose you are a hardcore Mac user, then you probably are not all that excited about non-Mac accessories, especially for keyboard and mouse upgrades. They are typically not great, and it's just easier to use a proprietary kit. However, with all the keyboard strife Apple has been dealing with within the last few years, it might have you thinking about straying.

The MX series for Mac by Logitech might have you convinced with its sleek design, built-for-mac integration, and power-user features.

The Mouse and the Keyboard come in at $99 each, making them slightly cheaper than the Magic Mouse 2 and extended keyboard combo from Apple ($250).

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Let's start with the MX Master 3 for Mac

The first thing you will notice is the shape and variety of buttons, making it more ergonomic and powerful for shortcuts. There is a vertical and horizontal scroll wheel, right/left click, two function buttons (just below the horizontal scroll wheel), and a small button by the thumb rest. These features give you infinitely more control over your digital desktop and have special features for various software, including Photoshop, Premiere, Final Cut, Word, and Excel. It also has some Mac-specific shortcuts, which can prove quite handy if you put them into practice.

The small button right below the thumb rest when depressed can activate things like launching Mission Control by merely holding it down and swiping up, similar to trackpad commands. Logitech has finally figured out how to bring in some native Mac commands with the additional benefits of multiple controls, and it's GREAT.

Once you get the hang of this mouse, it's hard to go back to the not so magical Magic Mouse. The overall power it gives across applications and basic commands is a time saver and feels intuitive. If you are using this in conjunction with something like a Tourbox control surface, you might literally become one with your machine and increase your workflow speed by 20%. Ok, that might be a bit of exaggeration, maybe, but it will make you more efficient should you learn to wield it properly.

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The MX Keys for Mac

The first thing you will notice about this keyboard is that it's a full-sized adult keyboard, not the truncated mini version, and it's $50 cheaper than Apple's extended keyboard. The colorway matches the Mac palette and feels right at home next to your machine, so aesthetics are right on the money. It also has the proper Mac layout, with the only caveat being that you need a little USB dongle to connect the keyboard to your computer, which is not great. The MX keyboard more than makes up for this with a much more tactile and fluid keystroke than the OEM version. These keys have the perfect amount of play, giving you the satisfying stroke of an old school keyboard without as much travel or clickety-clack racket. It seems strange to say, but using this keyboard is just more comfortable and dare we say, satisfying.

The MX Keys for Mac also has an incredibly intuitive ambient background lighting that senses when your hands are present, lighting it up as you hover over it. The only drawback to the backlit keyboard use is that it drains your battery faster, so unless you are in a dark environment like a studio, keep it off to extend the life up to five months. Butterfly Keyboards kind of suck and these keys put that to rest; there is no comparison.

Flow Feature

So one of the coolest things about this combo is that it can be set up to work across multiple devices like an iMac, iPad, Macbook Pro, and even a PC (why?). Even cooler is the Flow feature that lets you take a file from one machine, copy it, and then paste it to your other computer. So if you are working on a laptop and desktop, and want to move some files across, this makes it super easy and efficient.


If you are looking to up your productivity, are entirely over the crappy butterfly keyboard, and want more functionality and comfort, this combo is worth every penny. In our opinion, this should be purchased as a pair to get all the functionality out of it, but you could get by with just the MX Master 3 for Mac if you had to. The Flow feature makes it easy to work on multiple devices and move files around, and if you are a creative professional, you can use both a desktop and laptop, so this feature is invaluable.

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