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Tresor Launches Crowd-Funding Campaign With Rare Images, Music & Merch To Cover Lost Pandemic Income

Support cultural institutions still shuttered from the pandemic.
Tresor Never Sleeps

Berlin’s Tresor unveiled a Startnext campaign, Tresor Never Sleeps, to support the club through the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown. The club has been empty since March and to help make up for the lost income, they’ve decided to dig through the archive of classic records, iconic images, and produce new merchandise items for those who want to help the club at this time. 5% of all money raised will go to the Detroit Justice Center, which fights racial injustice and economic inequality.

The campaign hopes to raise €100,000 over the next 21 days.

The lead item in the campaign is the third volume of Terrence Dixon’s celebrated From The Far Future series that will first be available as a digital download exclusively to supporters of the campaign. They will also receive the vinyl pressing of the album prior to its general release in November.

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Also made available for the first time are two high quality prints featuring iconic images from the old Tresor, strictly limited to 100 units each. Record and CD bundles from the deep Tresor Records archive are also featured, alongside the custom handmade Tresor banner seen at parties around the world since 1991 and the chance to play your own behind-closed-doors set on the famed Tresor PA.

Support your music venues when they ask for it, donate, buy merch and help out when possible. Government grants have been spotty and often go to the well-connected. 

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