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Weedsday Playlist: Space Coyote’s Libby Cooper Shares 5 Songs for Your Next Smoke Sesh

Puff, puff pass and press play.
Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper

Libby Cooper is co-founder and CEO of Space Coyote, the California-based cannabis company making super potent, delicious infused joints with a far out vibe. On one galactic birthday trip in Joshua Tree, the concept of Space Coyote was born: a need for pre-rolls that didn’t suck. Libby believes in the psychedelic side of weed and the shared desire for high potency products that stoners can not only rely on, but also fall in love with.

Libby is a creative by nature, and all aspects of the brand are under her charge. Her prior experience in the cannabis industry plus a design background positioned her well to launch Space Coyote with her partner Scott Sundvor. Libby splits her worlds between her home in Hawaii and traveling around California, enjoying daily joints, dancing, and as much time in the ocean as possible. The epic playlist below is meant to be listened to in order.

1. Pink Floyd - Breathe (In the Air)

I grew up on Pink Floyd — not just the epic compositions, but also the stories my dad told my brother and I about listening to them on homemade speakers in school. Pink Floyd has forever influenced my musical and aesthetic taste, seeping into all of my art and design work. I find myself hearing new depths every time I listen. Pink Floyd is not only a true sesh classic, but the greatest band of all time. I make sure to include Pink Floyd on every Space Coyote party soundtrack — we’ve even had entire Pink Floyd rooms where albums will play in full on loop throughout the night.

2. Kikagaku Moyo - Entrance

Kikagaku Moyo is by far the best live band I have ever experienced… many times over! Hailing from Japan, this psychedelic rock band transports you decades back with barefoot performances and classical sitar. During shows, the band delivers what can only be described as legitimate ear sex with insane instrumental jams that feel like blasting into the universe. Smoking a Space Coyote and listening to Kikagaku Moyo is the ultimate psychedelic experience time and time again.

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The smooth tones of KAYTRANADA and BADBADNOTGOOD coming together for WEIGHT OFF feels like a liquid vacation for your brain. Both from Canada, KAYTRANADA and BADBADNOTGOOD each merge electronica, hip-hop, and funk. What’s not to love? This track makes me feel like I’m in an old spy movie, especially watching the smoke from a joint curl into the night sky, carried off by the ocean’s warm breeze. 

4. A$AP Rocky - L$D

I liken A$AP Rocky’s “L$D” to a modern day version of The Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Though sounding nothing alike, the world was ready for another hugely popular song about acid, this time with the acronym spelling out Love, Sex, Dreams. Recently, I’ve been hooked on playing “L$D” as loud as my car speakers (and ears) will take with all the windows down, hand out the window catching flight in the wind. And if I’m not the one driving, I’m sticking my entire head out the window, golden retriever style. 

5. The Weekend - The Morning

King of darkness and sensuality, The Weeknd has to be my most listened to artist of 2020 so far. The Weeknd released “The Morning” back in 2012, but I can’t stop listening to it on repeat as if it just dropped (not to mention the line “Cali is the mission / Visit every month like I'm split life living” hits close to home). I find that I can trick my brain into a flow state by listening to a song that I really love on repeat. By easily slipping into this state, I can produce ideation and design work more efficiently and also experience a sensation of extreme highness in the process. When I smoke a Space Coyote and then kick my mind into this state without work in front of me, magic happens.

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