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There really isn't much to say about the month of July, other than letting the music speak for itself. Some serious heaters were released from some underground artists, while some of our favorites returned with a wide range of bass subgenre releases, such as dubstep, trap, breaks, midtempo, and a bunch more. Overall, a strong showing of bass music was brought forth to us, possibly making this the most versatile chart of the year thus far.

The month of July brought us an even more versatile range of experimental bass music, which really is a testament to how multifaceted the genre has become. With tracks from Slumberjack, REZZ, Slippy, MSFT, NURKO, KLOUD, and more, buckle up for a month of mayhem.

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New to the growing roster of Sweat It Out, duo Slumberjack makes their debut to the label with their new single "Surrender." From the start, this track pulls you into a dreamy soundscape with blissful vocals, which brutally escalates to something far beyond our expectations. The drop features a mid-tempo drum pattern, distorted bouncy basslines, machine-like synth leads, and blistering transitional effects. This new dance anthem is a perfect follow up from the duos Black & Blue EP that was released earlier in the year.


Australia-based Heimanu makes his debut on Lowly. with "Saviour". The young producer is spearheading the industry by introducing us to the genre of NuRave, which fuses elements of hardwave and trap. The track definitely gives off that classic future bass and melodic bass vibe, with harmony-focused drops to put us in an emotional state of euphoria. The addicting aspect of this track comes from the variety of rhythms in his melodies and drums. Additionally, the punchiness of the drums really add a whole new layer of energy to this seemingly immaculate track.


Hailing from Tel Aviv, producer David Feldman gives us a track that pieces together unique "Sound Design" and melodies to formulate a well-rounded dubstep track. The liveliness of this track is fueled by the crispy low end, distorted synth leads, and punchy percussion, which is fully glued together with vigorous vocals. There is a contrast of both power and eeriness to the song, which takes us on an emotional journey and ultimately helps this track stand out amongst others. 


If it isn't obvious enough by now, I'm really pushing for you to hop on the MSFT wave. To start, his sound is something that truly has never been heard before. Secondly, he continues to pump out a healthy amount of music as the year progresses and remains faithful to the SoundCloud game, which is hard to find in an artist nowadays. This month, he delivers us a fresh remix of Flume's "Holdin On." You'll get that trademark grimy MSFT sound, with all of your favorite elements of the original track. With each release, we get introduced to numerous new musical weapons in MSFT's arsenal, and he has so much more in the vault.


New Dehli-based duo Astera brings us a heavy-hitting trap release, titled "Origin." This track is really unique in the sense of instrument choice and how they are able to layer sounds that compliment the low end so well. Featuring lively vocal chops, plucky synths, and moving orchestral elements, this track checks off all the boxes needed to create a trap anthem. 


New producer Kroud gives us their debut single "Got You," which is part of their On You EP out on Elektroshok Records. This track contains lively vocals, distorted basslines, choppy synths, snappy percussion, and punishing effects. The mysterious producer does an excellent job of fusing both house elements and bass elements into broken beats. 


The mysterious KLOUD and Nigerian-Haitian hip-hop artist Wasiu team up to deliver us a charity single titled "Matter." This track is a statement addressing events related to racial inequality and injustice, with references to various current events that are shaping change. Half of the proceeds will be going towards Color of Change and NAACP LDF. Both artists have been heavily advocating for change through their social media and recent collaborations.  

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Originating out of Orlando, Florida, Los Angeles-based duo KLOWN gives us "Doinks." Getting inspiration from dark circus arts, the duo has created "Jersey Clubstep," which is an innovative mix of East Coast club and dynamic bass music. This track is covered with KLOWN's staple sound, along with wobbles and distorted bass that will make your head spin. The production design on this particular track is very precise, which allows for every element to stand out in the mix.


Born Isabella Rezazadeh, bass producer REZZ releases an aggressive remix of Melanie Martinez's "Tag, You're It." This time around, REZZ uses her signature bass sound, while perfectly complimenting elements from the original track. There is a perceptible balance between melodic aspects and darker, eerie aspects, which generates a sinister aura. We are all very happy about REZZ's return and are excited to see how she closes out in 2020. 


Producers G-REX and TVBOO team up for their new track "Dweller." Featuring a lengthy, high-energy buildup, mind-bending wobbles, and dense percussion, this heater will definitely be played out live by many artists. The sub-bass on this particular track has a solid pulsating effect that will surely be felt when played on live speakers. Overall, the sound design backing "Dweller" will certainly catch the listener's attention from start to finish. 


Aussie-based Noy and Jordan Burns have come together to create "None Of It's Real," which is part of their new EP, Like Me, out on Night Bass. While staying loyal to bass house elements, this track ventures into incorporating UK grime in the mix, which makes the vibe even more aggressive. The harmonious, yet eerie breakdown before the final drop really brings out some dark emotion to this track, then transitions back into a chaotic chorus. 


Erupting with bass and melodic elements, "Form" by Slippy is a multifaceted, dynamic track that is sure to perform well on charts and playlists. Seeing Slippy develop from releasing "Divided" as his artist debut on Monstercat into a heavily noticed producer in the bass industry shows how his craft has continuously improved and evolved over the past five years.


New York-based Nurko returns yet again this year with yet another beautifully pieced together remix through Ophelia Records. This time, he puts a spin on Trivecta's "Folk Bass" track "Leave It All Behind." Nurko does an excellent job of complimenting the folk elements of the track with some huge future bass super saws, buttery low end, and lively vocal chops. 


Long Island-based new producer, Stallion, makes their debut to Buygore with "Blessing". The attention grabber of this track is the continuous buildup that starts at the outset of the track. Beginning with an ambient intro, new elements are introduced, and eventually, the track spirals into a huge burst of bass that dominates the drop. Stallion incorporates various wobble patches, heavy low-end, blistering effects, and a brutally compressed kick and snare. Keep your eye out for the new kid on the block. Stallion is here to stay.


The mysterious Voltra returns with a new single "Read/Write". This fusion of dubstep and trap is a testament to the producer's capability of creating complex, yet compelling drops. With the inclusion of distorted bass patches, 8-bit leads, and earth-shattering arpeggios, this track takes us to a new side of the producer's weaponry. For the final drop, we get to go a step further and witness Voltra using mammoth-sized synths that keep the track ferociously thumping. 

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