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The 15 Best Drum & Bass Tracks of July 2020


July has been a hot one - not just in terms of the weather, but music as well. With the return of Feed Me's Drum & Bass alias Spor offering more than enough to get excited about, July also saw the release of a massive compilation from Hospital, new albums from Fourward and NCT, a tasty remix from Halogenix, plus plenty of fresh talent making waves all across the scene. Here are a few of our favorites, covering everything from the luscious liquid sounds of Villem to the dancefloor destroying Teddy Killerz - read on for the 15 best drum & bass tracks of July 2020. 

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1. Spor – “Count My Blessings” (Sotto Voce Records) 

One of the most exciting comebacks in a while, the legendary Spor (also known as Feed Me in the dubstep/electro world) returned to the DnB scene with a 6-track EP on his own label Sotto Voce entitled Anachronic. “Count My Blessings” is a rock-infused track that flawlessly combines raw, organic instrumentals together with electronic elements for a refreshing and absolutely stunning result, featuring vocals from the man himself that make it even more special and an easy favorite this month.

2. NCT – “Afterlife” (Liquicity) 

Taken from their debut album on Liquicity, Dutch duo NCT released the stunning “Afterlife.” A pop-friendly tune that exudes charm and magic with every note, the track is a shining example of NCT’s beloved sound with endearing vocals, sing-a-long lyrics, and an overall uplifting energy from start to finish; a perfect indicator of the feel-good material you can expect to see from their new album Astrophysical.

3. Millbrook – “All Night” feat. Selin (Viper)

Another radio-friendly record released this July, Millbrook’s “All Night” is an enchanting summer anthem featuring the hypnotizing vocals of Turkish singer Selin. Full of Millbrook’s characteristic cinematic sounds with a dark edge, this record is full of vibrant, eclectic sound design that is yet another testament to the aspiring producer’s skills.

4. T95 & DRS – “On Site” (Overview Music) 

A relatively fresh face in the drum & bass scene, newcomer T95 made waves this month with his solo debut on Overview with “On Site.” Pairing up with one of the scene’s most cherished vocalists, this sinister roller has definitely made a big impression.

5. TOKiMONSTA and VanJess – “Come and Go” (Halogenix Remix) (Young Art Records)

A remix that really took us by surprise, this sultry take on TOKiMONSTA’s “Come and Go” from former Ivy Lab member Halogenix is nothing short of sensational. Lavish and deep, Halogenix has added such a richness to the track, creating an air of mystery with a sinister twist that is subtle but effective.

6. Villem & Leo Wood – “We Had A Song” (Hospital) 

Released on Hospital’s massive Hospitality House Party album this month, which featured 32 brand new exclusives, this one from Villem & Leo Wood stood out for its sheer elegance and groove. A tender and moving record, the track exudes sophistication and charm with mesmerizing effect, a reminder of the broad range of emotions and sounds contained within the drum & bass umbrella.

7. Fourward feat. Jakes “What Is It” (Elevate)

Taken from his newest album Lose Control on Friction’s Elevate Records, Fourward flexes his sound design prowess with this enigmatic number released right at the end of July. With industry favorite Jakes on the mic, the track embodies the energy of the underground with a chaotic ensemble designed to set you loose.

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8. Annix – “I Like To” (Crucast) 

A track that can’t be fully appreciated until the clubs reopen, this new one from Annix is an absolute belter. With an enticing opening vocal to draw you in followed by a catchy bass-driven melody, this simple yet instantly recognizable tune will make a welcome addition to any DJs arsenal and have crowds going wild in (hopefully) no time.

9. Magnetude – “Trail of Tears” (Evolution Chamber) 

English-Russian duo Magnetude return to Evolution Chamber this July with the western-influenced “Trail of Tears.” A broody opening paves way for this adventure-bound tune, delivering a cinematic story tinged with melancholic notes. Spirited and imaginative, Magnetude have delivered a truly stand out record this month.

10. Six Realms & SiLi – “Hyperdrive” (RustOut Records) 

This loud & in-your-face record is absolute carnage. Chaotic and thunderous, “Hyperdrive” is a frenzied, adrenaline fueled number that is sporadic and energetic yet with elegant touches throughout that leave us wanting more.

11. Teddy Killerz – “Beggar” (Souped Up) 

The Russian trio known as Teddy Killerz made their Souped Up debut this month with the Bun Dem EP, with 4 brand new tracks set to decimate dancefloors the world over. Of the 4, “Beggar” stands out for it’s sinister vibes, delivering a bloodbath of growling bass and menacing vocal cuts.

12. Taxman – “The Fever” (Playaz) 

A legend in his own right, Taxman releases this wicked old school number on Playaz this month that is full of jungle flavour with an acid twist. An eclectic, energetic record, “The Fever” pays homage to the rave culture that shaped the genre and is set to be a classic for years to come.

13. Duskee & Kin:etic – “Changes” (SINE Audio) 

This illustrious number comes courtesy of up-and-comers Duskee and Kin:etic, a soothing track that feeds the soul. Graceful piano creates a sophisticated atmosphere, creating the perfect platform for Duskee’s beguiling verses. “Changes” is poignant, enchanting, and full of character.

14. Levela – “Eclipse” (Critical) 

Levela has had one of the most interesting musical journeys over the past few years. Originally known for producing jump-up anthems and founding Brighton’s famous Multi Function imprint, Levela has done almost a complete 180 and started producing more neurofunk as of late, earning huge support from Noisia along the way. His latest release on Critical, “Eclipse,” captures not just his technical skills, but also carries an energy reminiscent of jump-up, going to show how his sound has developed over the years without losing sight of his roots.

15. Nais – “Let’s Rock” (Neuropunk) 

This one from Nais starts off with a light, upbeat melody – but don’t let that deceive you. Changing things up drastically at the half-minute mark, Nais swaps the jovial beats for face-melting bass, and that is exactly what makes it so memorable. Crowds everywhere are a sucker for a good switch-up, and Nais delivers just that! 

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