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5 Tips To Upgrade Your Livestream Performances with Laura Escudé

In-demand live show designer & future-classical artist Laura Escudé dishes on 5 essential tips on leveling up your live-stream performance for musicians.
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If you have been to a live show in the last decade, Laura Escudé and her elite team of playback engineers at Electronic Creatives may have been behind it. 

Laura Escudé is the pioneering powerhouse behind some of the biggest productions in the live show biz. With a track record working with groundbreaking artists from Kanye West to Herbie Hancock, Laura Escudé has been at the helm of bringing albums to life by bridging the studio to the stage through the art of playback and live performance design. 

Laura Escudé Live Performance at the Belmont, SXSW 2019

Laura Escudé Live Performance at the Belmont, SXSW 2019

In the age of coronavirus, the live touring community has been hit hard – and it's become more apparent than ever before how essential the joy of gathering together and music are to the human experience. 

As musicians, we're no strangers to finding creative solutions no matter the circumstances. And these challenging times have not stopped Laura Escudé from uplifting and empowering musicians to keep pushing the boundaries – both technically and artistically. 

Today's "stages" are not your standard stadium-level platforms nor your local dive spot, but may be in your home studio or living rooms. Musicians and professionals alike have had to learn new live-streaming platforms and the deep web of tools that offer you a seamless experience. But once you start going down the rabbit hole, you soon discover that it's not as easy as pressing a button.

It's all part of the fun figuring out new digital landscapes, but the rewards of connecting directly with your fans and followers is truly worth the trouble. And the best part is... you don't have to go about it alone. 

As we reimagine what the future of music and live performances will look like in the months to come, Laura Escudé is here to help inspire you with these 5 simple steps to create an exceptional performance online.

5 Tips for Upgrading Your Livestreams

1. Upgrade Your Phone Audio

Use an interface for your phone to get higher quality audio from your direct instrument, mixer or computer sound card. Laura uses the iRig Pro Duo / iRig Stream and another great one is the Roland Go Audio Mixer. Both are inexpensive and massively upgrade the sound!

2. Combine Computer Sounds

If you’re using a microphone plus apps like Spotify to play music, YouTube to play videos and a DAW such as Ableton Live to play back tracks, you can use a software plugin called Loopback by Rogue Amoeba to aggregate all of the sounds together. This way your audience will hear everything that’s going on all together. There are a slew of applications and use cases with this powerful tool, so make sure to add it to your arsenal. 

Rogue Amoeba | Loopback

Rogue Amoeba | Loopback

3. Stream To Multiple Platforms At Once

Amplify your voice & engage more of your audience at once by streaming to several different platforms simultaneously using software like Restream or Loola TV.

4. Mix Video Signals

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Use a free software program called Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) to switch between the video signals and input high quality audio from your sound card via your computer. You can also add your logo and other graphic overlays to add some more professional touches or personal branding. 



5. Deploy Multiple Video Angles

Use multiple cameras to switch points of view to get that professional broadcasting quality on the cheap. You can use your phone for one camera angle using the software EpocCam and your built-in computer camera for another.

There are some great options to enhance your computer lens, such as Moment's lens mount & wide lens or add on a device like Logitech Brio or Creative Labs Live!Cam Sync, which will really improve the clarity and picture quality.

Laura Escudé, Los Angeles home studio

Photo Credit: Ujin Kim

This will hopefully get you started on the right foot, but if you want to dive deeper – the possibilities are truly endless with this new digital frontier. 

Beyond her own journey as a sonic innovator and avant-garde electronic music producer, Laura Escudé is a leading educator in the space of music technology and experiential education with her 8-week online program The Transmute™ Accelerator – teaching independent artists how to express themselves and gain creative control in their artistry. 

The program inspires artists with a uniquely integrated approach that's fully online. Composed of live online masterclasses and workshops coupled with exercises, assignments, custom-built resources, artists emerge with an essential toolkit and show-ready project in just 8 weeks. 

The next session is approaching this fall 2020 with applications open now. And to kick it off is an upcoming virtual event Transmute™ Your Artistry for a FREE 5-Day masterclass series on August 24-28 to elevate your live performance. The masterclass will featuring special guests including Suzanne Ciani, The Album Leaf, Randy George, Trevor New, and Transmute™ Alum Ruby Mountain. 

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