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Washed Out Releases New Album 'Purple Noon'

Washed Out channels a very chillled out end of the summer.
Washed Out Purple Noon

Washed Out has released his new album Purple Noon. It is an album that arrives for the tail end of summer that at times feels right for a pool party and at times fits for those times after the pool party when you are sunburnt to shit, tired from drinking 10 margaritas and just need to lie down with a throbbing headache.

The first half of the album is more up-tempo and as energetic as some of what you can expect Washed Out's music. Purple Noon opens with the soaring “Too Late” with sturdy drums and his voice as clear as it gets on this record. “Face Up” comes together with washed out and submerged synths with the slowed tempo of an ending scene in an 80’s coming of age school dance scene.

At times he gets lost within himself with his voice seemingly just mumbling in the distance over guitar and soft ambient noise like on “Game Of Chance.” At this point, the album gets a little slower for a little while, with brief moments of exaltation. It eventually meanders its way to the finish with “Haunt.”

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The album starts out strong, but then can get a little sleepy as it moves along. However, overall, it fits with a slow and strange summer that isn’t as rambunctious and robust as normal. This is an album for disconnecting and unwinding in a time where everything seems frenetic and overwhelming. It is nice to just let something like this wash over you for a little while.

Pick up your copy of Purple Noon here and listen below.

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