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Ambient Meditations Podcast - Vol 13, The Ghost Of Brian Eno Part 2

This week we once again dive into another Brian Eno app called Bloom, perfect for chilling out into oblivion with.
Copy of Copy of Copy of Chic Hooligan

This week for episode lucky number thirteen we are again without a guest mix and diving into another experiment. This time around we are doing a sequen to The Ghost of Brian Eno with his other application called Bloom, which is still available for iOS and is very similar to Reflections from our first installment. Bloom is different in that you can interact with it, plotting points on your phone's screen to direct which way the ambient audio soundscape takes you and with different sound profiles as well. If you are more keen to just sit back and become a vegetable, Bloom will accommodate that too. Set the timer, find your profile of choice and lay back into oblivion. So here is a little taste of Brian Eno's Bloom.

Our complete podcast series is available on these fine platforms and on Soundcloud - below at the end of the post is our complete Ambient Meditation Series:

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