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Baltimore Producer JSOUL Releases Album Of Cosmic Electronic Funk 'Levels'

JSOUL drops his new project on Bandcamp today.
JSOUL Levels

Baltimore producer JSOUL has released his new project Levels. The project takes you on various levels of cosmic funk, emerging farther and farther away from the earthly confines of your conscious and out into sparkling electronics, swirling synths and funky drums.

It opens with “Prayer” an examination of the black struggle on Earth with Greenspan both singing and rapping. “Opus” a jazzy blend of drums and horns with pitched vocals swirling in the background as we gently start to lift off.

“Milky’s Brain Wave” delivers cosmic, psychedelic drum patterns and a space age, fluttering synth line that could have arrived from somewhere deep in the Milky Way. We get a slice of Vocoder funk on “Planet OK,” while “Peals Amongst The Stars” channels the soulful voice of B Jammelle and a jazzy beat for a spiritual and luxurious track that finds itself deep among the most beautiful places in space. The journey continues through more funk with “Earth” and “The Orbital.”

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The project is out now on Bandcamp via Inner Tribe Records and will get a wider release this Monday, August 10. Support it now on Bandcamp for Bandcamp Friday. Limited edition vinyl album of 100 copies is also available to pre-order and will ship next month.

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