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Beirut's Nightclub District "Virtually Wiped Out" In Massive Port Explosion

The city is reeling from a massive explosion on Tuesday.

Tuesday’s devastating explosion in the port of Beirut has left over 135 dead, 5,000 hurt and countless buildings destroyed and damaged. The destruction is unfathomable to look at. The blast was so intense that it was felt over 150 miles away in Cyprus. Some 300,000 people have been displaced from their homes. It has damaged countless homes, business and more, but one area that has been highlighted has been the nightclub district near the port has been reportedly “virtually wiped out” according to a Guardian report on the ground.

The district is just two kilometers from the main site of the blast and well within the range of heavy damage from the second, massive explosion that is believed to be from 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate.

The nightclub district includes clubs like The Garten, The Ballroom Blitz, Discotek Beirut, B018, O1NE Beirut, AHM and others.

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Co-founder of The Ballroom Blitz Moe Choucair spoke to Mixmag, confirming the damage, saying, “We’ve stopped thinking as a club and started thinking as a team of individuals pooling ideas to try and help in the most efficient way we can think of. Our establishment is the least of our concern right now because of the huge impact and urgency to react to this catastrophe.”

He continued, “This can be a massive turning point for Lebanon, the next days will be very hard. Our deepest condolences go to the families that lost children, parents and siblings.

“The Lebanese people were in a very bad position in recent months and this will be very hard to get over. For people who want to help, here are a couple of links: [donate to the] Lebanese Red Cross and [hunger relief initiative] FoodBlessed."

Lebanese hospitals have been overwhelmed by the amount of injured. The country’s main grain silos in the port were destroyed, leaving Lebanon with only a month left of grain, but the economy minister says they are expecting enough imports to avoid a crisis. Rescuers are searching for people and animals in the rubble.

Here is a list of ways you can help those in need urgently.

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