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A Deeper Look At The Maskless, Non Socially Distanced Borgeous EDM Show At The Lake Of The Ozarks

Why are rich DJs still taking gigs during the pandemic in the US?

Another weekend has passed and another series of videos has emerged of DJs playing non-socially, maskless distanced events in the pandemic stricken United States of America. This time it is Borgeous who played Shady Gators on Lake Of The Ozarks in Missouri. Videos of various Instagram stories clips have appeared on the web, but looking deeper into the show, there is more then meets the eye.

The venue has been putting on shows throughout the summer. They promise to make it feel as though “you’re vacationing in the Caribbean,” which would be great because there is a lot less risk there. The Ozarks got famous during COVID times when images over Memorial Day Weekend of throngs of young people crowded in pools were seen without masks and partying like it was 2019. The state has loosened just about all restrictions on gatherings and has allowed bars to open. Camden county, the county where Shady Gator is in, advises on their website to “avoid eating or drinking in bars, restaurants, and food courts.” It also tells young people “it is critical that you do your part to stop the spread of COVID-19.” However, this is just advice and there are no mandates in place.

Rehydrate Parties put on the party on Saturday night, August 1 with additional sets by HODJ, SLUMBR PARTY, MAXIMUS, and US2. Adventure Club was originally scheduled to perform, but they pulled out about a week before, much to the indignation of the promoters, judging by their comments on the event page.

Any sort of safety requirements are not listed on the venue website or the ticket website, through it does not seem as though the state or local government requires them. The promoters instead offer their safety tips on the Facebook event page with the following protocols, first noting that there are no mandates:

“Despite there being no capacity restrictions, we are still only operating at 50% capacity for this event to allow for social distancing.

This is an entirely outdoor venue.

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We have an entire paramedic team we hire that conducts non-contact thermal checks of every person including staff. Anyone with a temperature above 100.4 will be denied entry.

Every person attending receives a free personal bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance and is encouraged to use.

A ‘Clean Team’ of 3 individuals are constantly cleaning high traffic areas and restrooms throughout the entire duration of the event.

Masks are encouraged but not required as there is no state mandate requiring such.”

For those who are wondering why anyone would go to this, digging through the comments reveals some rather disheartening details. There are comments from people, hopefully joking when they heard that Adventure Club was cancelling, about their willingness to risk their lives to see the Canadians.

Other people have performed at the venue according to their calendar like Fatman Scoop & Emogee for July 4 and Dr. Zhivegas on July 31, the night before the Borgeous event, which makes you wonder how well the venue can clean its multiple pools, cabanas and more with its long hours. Cash Cash was set to perform on August 29, but have since pulled out. DJs deserve credit for cancelling the gigs, but why were they taking them in the first place?

Missouri has had 52,887 cases and 1,255 deaths from COVID-19. Shutting down the live music business has hurt all musicians and is crushing the venues and independent promoters. However, prolonging the pain with events like this only makes things worse. We can write of 2020 in the US. Working to write off 2021 will cause backlash that makes what we are seeing now look tiny in comparison. Not having a summer season in 2021 would be catastrophic beyond anyone's imagination.

“Practice common sense and personal responsibility” asks the county. Risking your life and your family’s life to see Borgeous is the opposite of common sense. Why he took the show is beyond me when he should have some EDM money left over. Why is it the big names who continue to flout pandemic rules, if not common sense, the most visibly?

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