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Legowelt Details Album 'Unconditional Contours' Made During Residency At Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music

Legowelt had access to the museums collection of over 5,000 synthesizers, organs, drum machines and effects.


Dutch synth maestro Legowelt has announced his new album Unconditional Contours, which was made with some pretty extraordinary resources.

He made the album during his time as artist-in-residence at the Swiss Museum & Center for Electronic Music Instruments. This allowed him to use their collection of over 5,000 synthesizers, organs, drum machines and effects that have been collected over a 35-year period by Klemens Niklaus Trenkle.

“When I first saw this collection, I was truly flabbergasted. Endless rows of synthesizers – some so obscure I had not ever seen nor heard of them,” shares Legowelt in a statement.

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Across the record, he uses the various instruments including the rare Farfisa Synthorchestra and the EVS-1 Evolution, the “shittiest rompler ever made,” he says.

Unconditional Contours will be released on October 2 via OUS. It can be pre-order on Bandcamp below and the first track from the record.

1. Unconditional contours Memorymoog
2. Châteaux dans le ciel Farfisfa Synthorchestra 2
3. Swiss fairytales
4. Little music with a big synth
5. Evolution EVS-1 Promars and Prophet 5
6. Prophet vector synth dazzling in the sun
7. These phenomena are not well understood
8. SMEM23 Digital Clap Trap Promars Prophet
9. Roxannes magic watch
10. FBT Synther 2000

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