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MEMBA Deliver With Soaring & Dark "Strider" On Foreign Family Collective

The guys return to Foreign Family Collective with another electronic wonder.

We're really enjoying another slice of rich music from New York duo MEMBA, otherwise known as Will Curry and Ishaan Chaudhary. Back for their second single in 2020 ("Meet Freedom" dropped in February), you can again hear their varied influences peppered through "Strider." 

Given a neat guitar hook as its intro, this soft yet immersive single features sweetly woven vocals, oscillating panpipes and a charged undercurrent that progresses forward with growing intensity. 

MEMBA almost made this one by accident, sharing: “We were on a kayak trip paddles in stride, when the idea hit. Went home and recorded the wonky guitar intro instantly. The rest took a lot of trial and error and a trip to LA to finish.”

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Stream "Strider" here on Foreign Family Collective.

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