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Micco x Elias Are Here To Chill With "Slow Tidings"

This downtempo beat lands on Absent Mind.
Micco x Elias

Micco x Elias

Showcasing some wonderful nuances in production and only on their fourth release to date is the duo Micco x Elias, who have a new song out today. Releasing through London label Absent Mind is "Slow Tidings," a mellow cut that features vocals from ARIA. 

Expect drifting chords with an edge of melancholia, splintered gasps of percussion and a hazy feel that carries from the start to finish. Warm energy is offered in the pair's style, and there is an intricate attention to detail that earmarks them as a rising talent. 

Just in time to unwind on a Friday night, you can get lost in "Slow Tidings" right here. 

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