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Music Video Premiere: Soul Bandit - Machine

Enter the weird world of Soul Bandit's new music video for "Machine."

There is something different about Soul Bandit and the world she has created around her music. The LA producer / DJ has always spun her vibe to a darker and more twisted mood and for whatever reason, it not only works as far as helping her stand out from the crowd, but there is a sense of mystique and wonder of "what will she think of next" that keeps me wanting more. As her visuals continue to evolve with her music we land here with the video premiere of her latest offering "Machine." 

This video is weird in all of the best ways. It feels like you have been sucked into a vintage PC game like DOOM or Quake as Soul Bandit makes her way through a variety of colorful and creepy environments in her journey to become a machine. However, there is more to this track and video than just an animated adventure about becoming a cyborg. Soul Bandit Breaks down the track and video below. 

"Machine is a song about wanting to trade the anxiety, emotional suffering, and impending mortality of the human experience for being a robot/machine. Emotionless, sterile, immortal. That's the dream, isn't it? Obviously not, because in the end, death is the most important part of being human. It's the thing that gives our lives meaning. Would we even have any motivation to accomplish our goals if we weren't driven by an inevitable biological deadline? Nevertheless, being aware of the fact that our lives are not infinite is part of the torment of the human experience.

I presented this song and concept to Jaden (@Juicy.Jaden who animated the music video) and together we came up with an idea to portray, in an extremely twisted and visceral yet comedic way, the desire to abandon our fleshy, emotional, odorous, human bodies and exchange them for a sleek, immortal, robotic one. I could say more but I want to leave the rest of the interpretation up to the viewer.

- Soul Bandit

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While her content might seem odd or weird, what Soul Bandit is doing is something other artists should think about when it comes to their music. There are no rules when it comes to art. There is no box that you have to stay in order to be successful and at the end of the day, the people who dare to be different will be the ones that will truly inspire the next wave of creators. These renegades may not get all of the credit upfront but without them, we would just be living in a world full of machines and if you look around you, you can see that this reality has already begun. 

Hit the play button and let's enjoy just being alive today. 

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