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Over 200 Classic Boiler Room Mixes Now Streaming On Apple Music, DJs & Rights Holders Getting Paid

Over 200 Boiler Room mixes from their archives are now available on Apple Music.
Boiler Room

Boiler Room has partnered with Apple Music to upload over 200 of its most influential mixes to the streaming platform. The aim is to pay artists involved in the DJ set. This is not just for the DJs, but also for the artists, producers and songwriters behind the music in the mix, which has long been a blind spot in the business.

100% of royalties from the streams will go to rights holders.

Now Apple Music listeners can find mixes such as Honey Dijon at Sugar Mountain and Ben Klock from the first Boiler Room space in Berlin, the Streaming From Isolation series and over 200 other mixes.

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Each week, Boiler Room Radio on Apple Music 1 will showcase Boiler Room sets and share in-depth interviews with the DJs, artists and producers.

Check out their full catalog here.

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