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PuroPro Noise Canceling Headphones With Volume Limiter - Review

The PuroPro was designed to bring quality audio and great noise canceling while protecting your hearing at the same time.
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We have all been sitting next to that guy on the plane, train, bus, or subway (yes, it's almost always a dude) with the music bleeding profusely from some crappy pair of giant cans. You can literally hear them losing their hearing, and they have no clue how bad that extra loud bass is for their eardrums.

Enter the Puro Sound Labs, a headphone designed with the sole purpose to bring headphones to the market that would protect people from themselves. Their initial offerings were aimed more at younger users and people that probably weren't all that serious about high-quality sound, but did appreciate the safety aspects of limiting volume, namely parents.

With a successful case study built, Puro Sound Labs now has their sites set on an older and sometimes not quite as bright as we think we are" demographic. Yeah, we are talking to you over 25+ something, 30+ something, and 40+ something.

Meet the PuroPro volume-limiting Hybrid ANC headphones, a pair of headphones that feel all too familiar like comfy pair of old cashmere socks. Ok, I'll say it, they feel a lot like the early versions of the Bose Quiet Comfort, which is not a bad thing at all - just something that feels slightly dated in design - that's all. The PuroPro doesn't feel fresh, but the idea built it into its circuits is just the opposite. Let's break it down like we always do.

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Build Quality & Design

The PuroPro, although familiar and slightly stale on the design end of the spectrum, does have some pros. The cans themselves are built well, they are quite comfortable and fold down to travel easily. Despite being slightly blah, it's safe to say you are getting a good pair of headphones for $199. They come with a nice carrying case, work wired, and wireless, have a long-lasting battery (32 hrs) and easy to use controls.

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Sound & Function

If you seek a pair of headphones that will bring you stunning HiFi and audiophile sound, these are not for you. You are better off trying something like a Sennheiser PXC-550 or Bose Quietcomfort that delivers a bit more robust if you have this kind of budget or pushing into the $500 category with brands like Audeze. However, if you are looking for a pair of headphones that will deliver excellent noise canceling, a capped volume output to protect you from yourself, and solid all-around sound - these might be interesting.

Besides that old comfy feeling, I noticed first the great active noise canceling (ANC) that helped to make the world disappear, especially when playing music. The PuroPro is a travelers dream, almost erasing the annoying sounds of travel - I only had the chance to try these out in a few public places due to the pandemic, but they were fantastic. The PuroPro actually has two ANC levels, one that reduces noise by 32db and the other, which is 15db, for more lively environments where you need to be on your toes and not entirely zoned out.

So here is where it gets exciting and the safety kicks in. The World Health Organization advises against anything louder than 85db to keep your hearing intact. The PuroPro caps that level at 8 hours and does allow you to step it up to 95db for 50 minutes per day - so if a baby starts losing it or an anti masker flips out, you are covered. It's actually nice to know that your headphones have got your back, and you are always going to be adhering to a safe volume output, especially when traveling and in loud environments.

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If you seek a great pair of traveling headphones that will eliminate a good chunk of outside noise, bring you decent sound and protect your hearing, this is it. They are built well, comfortable for long sessions, and keep you in check on the volume. There is nothing quite like them on the market, and hopefully, more headphone brands will build in some sort of hearing protection or at least a decibel warning. Excellent work Puro Sound Labs, you are leading the pack on this.

PuroPro is available for $199.99.

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