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Zebbler Encanti Experience's "End Trance" Gets 8-Track Remix Pack On Wakaan

This new EP is out via WAKAAN.

Just in time to break up the week is a new eight-piece EP from various artists and Zebbler Encanti Experience, otherwise known as ZEE. The duo has passed on their End Trance EP to seven other acts to remix, and the record is out through Liquid Stranger's WAKAAN label. 

In addition to stellar reworks from the likes of Wan, Wassanders and David Starfire, ZEE have included their second single of the year, "Morphonics" in the new project. It captures their inimitable, wobbly electronic sound and comes brimming with eclectic samples and low-humming bass. 

If you loved the original EP, there is no doubt you will enjoy this remix package. Head below to stream all eight tracks now. 

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