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August brings us great music from industry staples like LUXXURY, Patawawa, Yuksek, and Anoraak, and we also have some new talent who adds a fresh take to a classic or blow our minds with the fantastic Disco/Funk they have to offer. New to the scene or seasoned pros, this month's chart has it all!

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1. Patawawa - Adadadadeya

Try to say this title 3 times fast! Patawawa is making the most of quarantine by recording each of their parts separately and through the power of the internet, a new song was born! This track is super catchy and is worth spinning at home, poolside, or on the beach (if you can safely spend time on one!)

2. Monsieur Van Pratt - 1984

Monsieur Van Pratt is back and bringing a little bit of "1984" with him! This track will remind you of early '80s synth-funk, or at least make you want to go back and listen to some. Believe me, I think we all have a sense of nostalgia for any times that aren't now, and this funky little slice of the past will take you back to the era of leg warmers and Member's Only jackets!

3. Moonroy - Wings On Fire

Slap that tambourine and shake your way to happy with "Wings On Fire"! Moonroy is another incredible producer coming from Mexico, serving up the sweetest Disco/Funk. Moonroy may be new to the Magnetic chart, but I expect to hear a lot more from this talented producer!

4. Mercer - Lemonade

Mercer has taken the 1986 Gwen Guthrie's classic "Ain't Nothing Going On But The Rent" and sped it up to be danceable and modern sounding without losing the fun of the original. This track is party-ready and I have no doubt you will want to play it loud! 

5. Joy Legend - Motherfunker

"Motherfunker" is a loving nod to '70s funk wrapped in a blanket of early '80s synthwave. Rhythm guitar and congas provide the backbeat while synths encourage you to get on the spaceship to planet funk! The entire Funk Off EP on Disco Fruit Records is excellent. Joy Legend has hit a home run with these tracks!

6. Goldroom & Moontower - Guess I'm Jaded (LUXXURY Remix)

Blake Robin aka LUXXURY has added his signature slap bass funkiness and sweet vocals to Goldroom and Moontower's indie jam to amp up the BPM and create Disco magic. LUXXURY had terrific base material to work with, so adding his shimmer to "Guess I'm Jaded" gives the listener another opportunity to love this track a second time!

7. Lifelike & Kris Menace - Discopolis 2.0 (Youngr Funkopolis Bootleg)

Youngr takes the classic electro Lifelike and Kris Menace track "Discopolis 2.0" and breathes some disco life into it with his Funkopolis bootleg! The foundation of the track is still there, but the addition of funky basslines, claps, and rhythm guitar is going to make you want to dance to this all over again, or maybe for the first time!

8. Jet Boot Jack - Get On Down

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I don't know where Jet Boot Jack finds the time to work out because he's one of the busiest DJ/producers in the biz! Each release is finding his disco game getting stronger, and both tracks on this EP are very solid. Bright brassy horns backed up by handclaps galore are the driving force behind "Get On Down." Don't mind if I do!

9. C. Da Afro - Down With That Boogie

Mango Sounds bring us the latest EP by C. Da Afro, which includes the infectious track "Down With That Boogie." This song just sounds like sunshine and just when you think you know the direction of the song, the vocal drops in at the 3-minute mark, telling us "Now you know what it is all about." Indeed, and we are "Down With That Boogie"!

10. Igor Gonya - Forgotten Movie Hero

"Forgotten Movie Hero" sounds like it fell right off the vinyl of a '70s movie soundtrack and into 2020! Igor Gonya has a very special feel for the music of that era, and it always sounds fresh for today. Gonya makes it all sound very easy, despite being one of the busiest label owners/producers in the biz. Keep your eye out for more big things from Igor.

11. Yuksek - The Only Reason (Mark Lower Remix)

The flurry of remixes from Yuksek's Nosso Ritmo has been staggering (3 EP's, all worth checking out!), so when the third EP was released and I heard the Mark Lower remix of "The Only Reason" I couldn't believe how he took an already incredible song and made it even more Disco! Lower is another young talent that is getting the recognition he deserves, and who better to provide the remix material than Yuksek

12. George Feely - Stanley's Disco

I don't know where "Stanley's Disco" is, but I want to go there because if all the songs they play are this funky, I'd never want to leave! George Feely is another young producer on the scene that will continue to make a big splash with this quality of song! George is a house DJ, so his turn into disco is impressive. Check this out on Nervous Records.

13. Ezirk - Whisky Gogo

Ezirk's "Whisky Gogo" has just enough of a tropical vibe to keep you feeling like it's summer all the time! This is a slower disco groove, complete with one of my favorite underused instruments, the jazz flute! Give me my suntan lotion! I see palm trees in my future!

14. Anoraak & Luxxury - Fire Inside feat. Lauren Turk

One of the few positives of quarantine is the musical output we are hearing from some of our favorite artists. The marriage of Anoraak and LUXXURY was a huge surprise and couldn't be more welcome! Lauren Turk's vocals are luxurious and sultry on "Fire Inside." This song might make you want to pour a glass of wine and let the night take you where it wants you to go.

15. Nayla - I Always Forget

Nayla's edit of Dexter Wansel's "I'll Never Forget" was made in 2015 and has been lost ever since. Lucky for us, someone found that hard drive, and we get to enjoy the fruit of his labor! A tribute to finding love on the floor of Studio 54, this track is a welcome journey out of 2020 and straight back to 1979. All aboard!

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