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Ambient Meditations Vol 17 - LoFi Lounge Mix

This week we dive into the genre of Lofi and classic lounge sounds from the golden age of downtempo, perfect for studying, working or unwinding.
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Ambient Meditations Vol 17 - LoFi Lounge Mix

This week we once again do not have a guest mix, so we decided to dive into some lofi goodness with a blend of jazzy hip hop instrumentals and some classic downtempo. We are huge fans of the lofi genre, and it's come to mean so many different things to so many different people; one thing is for sure - it's having a huge moment right now. There is no better music to put on in the background for studying, working, or easing into your glass of something. Crazy times require less crazy music, so we hope this one relieves the stress a bit. 

Our complete podcast series is available on these fine platforms and on Soundcloud - below at the end of the post is our complete Ambient Meditation Series:

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