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Ambient Meditations Vol 18 - Nico Losada (Salt Cathedral)

After a week off we are back with a mix from Nico Losada, a fantastic producer and one half of Salt Cathedral.
AM 18 Nico Losada

Ambient Meditations Vol 18 - Nico Losada of Salt Cathedral

We are back after a week off. For episode 18, we have Colombia's Nico Losada, one half of Salt Cathedral, and a solo producer in his own right with his latest single "Decomposition." Losada's approach to this newest single is unique, as it goes on for 24 minutes. "Decomposition" weaves in and out of various ambient soundscapes and percussion, giving you an intimate insight into the bedrock of Losado's influences and production style. Fusing layers upon layers of sounds and bringing the sounds of Cumbia and other Colombian music into his work, this is exactly what electronic music needs right now. From the glistening and infectious sounds of Salt Cathedral (Ultra Music) to the more reflective solo work, Losada is a producer to keep your ears tuned in on. Enjoy this mix from one of our new favorite producers, a blend of hypnotic tunes sure to satisfy your soul and, in his own words, a mix inspired by "hope." 

Salt Cathedral's album Carisma is out now on Ultra Music, and his solo project under Nico Losada is available on Spotify and all popular streaming services - embeds below.

Our complete podcast series is available on these fine platforms and on Soundcloud - below at the end of the post is our complete Ambient Meditation Series:

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Ambient Meditations Vol 18 Track List 

Nico Losada - Sleep 

Danalogue & Sarathy - Ballad of Rathalog 

Schawkie Roth & Deborah Henson - You are the Ocean 

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More about Nico Losada (Bio)

Nico Losada has been an essential composer/producer in the Colombian scene since 2011. With his duo project Salt Cathedral he has shaped the alternative sounds of Bogota. Now, he's embarking into a new project under his own name that expands into improvisation, Colombian roots and electronic elements. Based in New York, Nico is bringing his composition background into the clubs by writing new pieces of music for every performance. As an improviser he takes the performance as possibility to work on the pieces, restructure them and give the element of the "in the now". As a Dj, his main focus is the juxtaposition between the unknown sounds of Colombia and the well known elements of dance music.

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